Live Grenade Thrown Onto Football Field in Iran Nearly Blows Up Player’s Hand

Live Grenade Thrown Onto Football Field in Iran Nearly Blows Up Players Hand

An Asian Champions League football player Adel Kolahkaj came very close to losing his arm (or life) after a grenade thrown onto the field exploded a second after leaving his hand.

Adel Kolahkaj who plays for Iran’s Sepahan FC noticed a device on the pitch, casually picked it up probably thinking it was a piece of harmless debris and tossed it away. The device exploded into a fireball just as it was at a safe distance from the footballer.

The incident occurred during a quarter-final game between Sepahan FC and Al-Ahli SC of Saudi Arabia played at Shahr Stadium in Iran. Some Australian A-League teams including Adelaide United compete in the same tournament. Some reports say it was not a hand grenade, but rather a firecracker which exploded – quite a pop for a firecracker.

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57 thoughts on “Live Grenade Thrown Onto Football Field in Iran Nearly Blows Up Player’s Hand”

    1. ha ha right, man people are stupid and don’t know crap but like to write it down like they know something
      if that was a hand grenade that black bitch would be dead, and a few more probably, and a couple million of jews hopefully, and and….

        1. Couldn’t have been a flash-bang grenade, there simply wasn’t enough flash.

          It looked a lot more like a sparkler bomb, or a very badly homemade explosive. It was more fire than explosion, which means if it was meant to do harm, it wasn’t packed properly.

          It also had too long of a fuse for a normal grenade, assuming the video was slowed to 50% speed to show what happened.

        2. Flash bangs are bigger than regular hand grenades as far as size goes and flash bangs don’t light up like that, that fireball was to big to to be a flash bang, if flash bangs had a fireball that big they wouldnt be used at all just for the fact that theyre thrown thru windows and would cause fires, it was some kinda homemade fire work

          1. Flash bangs are about the size of large aluminum coke can and they clearly look to dangerous to even wanna pick up, also if it was a flashbang it would of gone off instantly and not taken as long as it did

  1. Wow! That guy was about as lucky as the worker who avoided the two bullet trains. It also reminds me of the kid who blows off his hand with the homemade explosive. Its like taking the luck of the guy dodging the trains, and applying it to what could have happened when the kid blows off his hand and tears his torso and legs up.
    Too bad nobody figured out who threw the damn thing.

        1. It was a home made fire work, theres no way it could of been a fragmentation grenade, or a concussion grenade, the device in this video was too small to be either, a flag grenade would killed and mamed a lot of those player standing close by and the fire ball was to big for it to be a flashbang, homemade fireworks for sure

  2. I’m with Pale Rider, this was NOT a grenade, by the looks and size id lean towards little homemade improvised explosive.. but on a side note, security sucked donkey balls to even let that in (You’d think being in a snackbar country they’d be all over that kind of shit)… Hell I can’t even get a SEALED gatorade into an NFL game..

  3. You should all search youtube for “The Real Football Factories International: Turkey” It is a UK show about soccer hooligans throughout the world. I think they just go to futbol matches to throw flares and explosives at each other. Some gory footage from when two Leeds United fans were stabbed to death during a EUFA match. Seriously, the Turks throw flares, get maced constantly at games, tear up their own stadiums to throw chairs and chunk of rocks from the walls. Pretty funny stuff.

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