Lumberjack gets Whacked

Lumberjack gets Whacked

Location unknown.

Hi Seraphim,
Feel free to upload this if you like. Lumberjack gets whacked is pretty self explanatory.

Props to Best Gore member @sandalsniffer for the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

61 thoughts on “Lumberjack gets Whacked”

          1. I think any political seed he had in him was in his balls and that crane crushed any ambitions he had between him and that branch he was sitting on. To Death… If the crane operator was involved, it was probably over a girl. ; ) What else? @hopingfornemesis

      1. @parsimonymh

        You have to be very careful with not disagreeing with things on here. You’ll get lashed for it.
        There are some very insightful comments I’ll read on here. And those folks know who they are. But, there’s also no shortage of hate if take the other side of the coin.

  1. Watching this shit w fine-scrubbing is ridiculous LMAO , soon as the crane smacked his noggin his fucking leg straighten so fucking fast and then watching the guy tumble down you can see how his neck and head and upper torso is so mangled and broken from being smacked like that , this shit geeks me

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