Machine Operator Killed in Demolition Gone Wrong

Machine Operator Killed in Demolition Gone Wrong

This had tragedy written all over it right from the start. The building was marked for demolition, but their idea to do it was by breaking the support columns. The ones watching from afar, including the cameraman probably know what was going to happen.

The operator of that heavy machine with the pneumatic hammer used to smash concrete with tried to get out of the way of falling rubble, but had no chance. You can see him desperately jumping out of the machine in an attempt to dash, but rubble was faster. He would have probably stood a better chance of surviving if he stayed inside the cabin – at least some shell around him. Butt naked against a crumbling building on an open plane is a sure way of getting killed.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Machine Operator Killed in Demolition Gone Wrong”

  1. These people must have learned how to demolish from cartoons where buildings fall down but no one gets hurt. I’m no demolisher (unless it’s my sister’s face) lol, but even I know you never demolish a building by removing one of it’s support columns.

    1. Actually, just as a side note as my brother works for a demolition company, that’s exactly what you do. What you don’t do (which is what I assume you mean) is remove said columns with a hydraulic hammer. You use explosives in timed delays and you explode them in such a way that it falls away from any civilians/other structures etc.

      Not the way these clowns had the system going. As harsh as it sounds, that retard rightly ended up under that rubble. Not only was he hammering away at the outer-supports from a proximity of a few meters, he was directly under where the damn thing was going to fall.

  2. Bullshit he would of lived if he stayed, pause it a few times and you can see the back of the machine tossed about 20 feet in the air. those machines weight close to 60,000lbs so if it was powerful enough to toss it in the air like that youd think it would squish the cab flat

  3. Just watching the design that what used for that building makes me want to kill whoever made it, sheesh, one does also not break away at a structure’s biggest supporting collumms like that! Why wasn’t dynamite used? Just a few well-place muffled-shots could’ve brought that building easily.

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