Man Brutally Crushed by Large Forklift in Porto do Itaqui, Brazil

Man Brutally Crushed by Large Forklift in Porto do Itaqui, Brazil

A baggage porter was crushed to death and smeared on the road by a large forklift servicing the busy cargo port in Porto do Itaqui near the city of S茫o Lu铆s, state of Maranh茫o, Brazil.

The victim barely resembles a human being. All that’s left of him is a bloody splatter pattern on the road and formless shreads of flesh and bone. Toward the end of the video, his ripped off face gives a grin. Brutal. Careful in a workplace, folks.

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  1. First off i have to say thanks for sharing this Brutal video! That close up at the end made it perfect.

    Just love workplace accidents they always ramp up the gore factor. Anyways i feel some sympathy for this one, imagine dying at your work place what a shit way to go out. RIP.

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  2. Is it racist for me to think that whoever accidentally did this was probably picking 3rd boogers out of their nose while trying to joggle the pros and cons of a connect four board game, high on some local highlighter/sativa hybrid and..well… you know operating machinery meant for people who don’t generally have the mental capacity of a chimpanzee and lifespan of a turtle crossing a busy highway? See what I did there… a turtle crossing a highway…see turtles have the potential to live a long time, but they’re fucking stupid.

  3. Safety first is always a must in a dangerous work environment. Obviously that fact was not so here. This happening will most likely force a safety standard increase to the work place. Always pay attention is the bottom line. It could save someone and not slay anyone.

  4. Well if I get crushed by a forklift at my job I hereby authorize a bestgore member to pick up my face, stretch it out, and wave it at the camera going ‘bloop a loopa loop! Halalalalala’ it would mean the world to me. And stick your tongue through the lips from the back to enhance the effect.

  5. Well I hope the forklift driver at least managed to deliver his cargo in time…

    Jeez what a mess… Brazilians gotta be used to see shit like this every other day because they are always so calm and just filming the scene!

    Nice vid and so, although I would have loved to see how this tragedy happened! Maybe next time 馃榾

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