Man Cutting Down Tree with Chainsaw Gets Unexpected Nuts Lift

Man Cutting Down Tree with Chainsaw Gets Unexpected Nuts Lift

Man Cutting Down Tree with Chainsaw Gets Unexpected Nuts Lift

On a Sundayly lighter note, here’s a guy cutting down a tree with a chainsaw. It looks like he’s in the bush alone and set up the camera to record his own footage.

He undercuts the tree, which seems to have a decent size, and as it starts falling, he tries to get out of the way, and steps over an already fallen stump that gets swung by the falling tree, giving the guy an unexpected, painful looking lift by hitting him in the nuts. Ouch…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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77 thoughts on “Man Cutting Down Tree with Chainsaw Gets Unexpected Nuts Lift”

      1. Some men and I mean that SOME man can be retarded, he never seen it coming and that made him stupid. Even my father told me that safety comes first. Damn, I just came back just a week ago from clearing dead trees off my Grandfathers property on Manitoulin Island with my brother. What a stupid head. Even I know how to clear old trees away before you cut again. Sheesh. He’s a newbie. No hard hat or goggles. I’ve been clearing dead trees since I was 15. I’m old now.

  1. “I’m a lumberjack baby
    I’m gonna cut you down to size
    I’m a lumberjack baby
    And you’re the one that gets my prize
    And when you hear my motor running
    You know I surely be coppin’ a rise
    So I’m gonna crank it up and cut it down
    I’m a lumberjack now baby
    But I ain’t jacked my lumber baby
    Since my chain saw you”

  2. the real question is :

    why is this even filmed ?

    what’s the fucking point on filming that if its not a voluntary attempt to make a funny buzz video ?

    i mean come on, that can happen for real but.. why filming this ? no reasons. its just some shitty video created for make a buzz on the web. seriously. a guy filming himself cutting wood … i refuse to believe they are no trolling/fake behind that. i mean, yeah its real, he took the log in the balls and all. but its clearly not an accident. because i dont get the reason why to film hismelf like this.

    1. Please don’t get taken aback as the video was filmed by another of his mate with scrotum no bigger than your everyday playing marbles ; whereas the feller of trees at the centre stage was unhappy in the way his balls felt so puny to the touch of whores he visited …….. so all he decided to do was grow them bigger and be the king of sacs in the whole village and an accidental hit from a log is the safest bet in enlarging testicles these days as he also could save money and moreover it was for free and now he has a sac his undies barely can hold nor can he piddle unless he or someones holds .
      The best part is for the last as the percentage of water his body holds is the same amount his balls can, and he’s hasn’t got no airs about it .
      Well finally I’d suggest to stop breaking your head as the water in his sac has already attained a level of ” Hydroceileing ”
      Experts are scared to death worrying if his sacs are not emptied in time , the whole village can get washed away in floods .

    1. the tree is large it may have been a show off vid for FB. he knows what he’s doing with a saw. he maybe should have predicted the other tree would bounce but it’s not overly obvious. he for sure broke his leg, baadly. this wasn’t done on purpose imo

  3. Its just when ya think everything is safe ,the worst happens .
    This tree feller’s scrotum now can boast of a hydrocele others of his mates are gonna be so jealous about .

    All thanks to the felling tree for it rubbed him like no other .

      1. I think chasing Danaconda all the time isn’t such a bright idea . How about the one ? Easter bunny was after ?? a few posts ahead !
        I guess if you aren’t quick he is gonna give ya a slip .

          1. He said that he’s not sure why you like talking about balls and man asses. Paraphrasing of course.

  4. …. Svargos doctor told him he needed more fiber and grains in his diet… Being the fukn tough guy that he is, knows that wood fiber is the strongest natural fiber, so he goes out and jams a log directly up his ass…Needless to say, he succeeded in loosening his stool…

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