Man Dies in Domestic Gas Leak Explosion, Video Used for Propaganda

Man Dies in Domestic Gas Leak Explosion, Video Used for Propaganda

This is a very old video of a man who was pulled out of rubble after gas leak in his home resulted in an unexpected but massive explosion. The video was recently resurrected by Syrian terrorists who with support from Al Jazeera passed it around as the aftermath of a bomb attack by crazed Alawites on civilians in Syria. What pile of garbage. Is this all it takes to fool sheep into believing what media wants them to?

This video is no different to that recent uproar caused by a video of a child with a gunshot wound which was passed as anti Basha al-Assad propaganda claiming that his crazed security forces are now shooting at children. Then a surgeon who treated the child confirms that this was a case of accidental domestic discharge after a child found his father’s handgun in the drawer. Could you fucking believe the garbage the utter crap and lies?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Man Dies in Domestic Gas Leak Explosion, Video Used for Propaganda”

  1. At least they didn’t pick his pockets straight away. Reminds me a bit of the videos of ground zero from fuel air bombs where victims where smashed by a wall of air then had their lungs sucked out of their mouths.

  2. I am a syrian, and by that I can confirm that they are speaking syrian arabic. FYI they don’t use gas in their homes, a tank blew up his apartment while he was sitting with his family, they also broke his teeth at 1:43 he says and they’ve shot him 4 times – three in the head-chest area and one in his leg.

        1. the inevitable truth is that sunnis are being murdered while peacefully protesting against al-assad the minority cannot control the majority, al assad is an alawite which forms 5% of the countrys population. He has help from terrorist like hezbollah from lebanon and iran, true story. Don’t believe me? Google it

    1. where’s his family then? not trying to be a dick since I don’t know anything about tanks, but where could there bodies have gone if they were with him? also, is it possible you could translate the whole video, for my sheer curiosity? or is what you said basically all of it?

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