Man Falls from Tree, Crushes His Balls on Roof and Breaks His Neck on Pavement

Man Falls from Tree, Crushes His Balls on Roof and Breaks His Neck on Pavement

On March 24, 2016, in Novo Cruzeiro a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, a man was filmed dangling from a tree. He tried to jump on top of a nearby roof, but missed, crushed his balls on it, and fell on the pavement below, breaking his neck. He died on the spot.

It looks like the roof he fell with the crotch on belongs to a bar. Maybe the dude was drinking and got so wasted, he thought he became a Capuchin and ventured into what looked like his natural habitat?

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101 thoughts on “Man Falls from Tree, Crushes His Balls on Roof and Breaks His Neck on Pavement”

      1. By the time he could catch back on with his breath ( following the balls massacre)..and wanted to Tarzan his adventure by an epic cry to man’s glory…….Bammmm……he broke his neck.!!!!!

          1. Lmao! I hope he’s not like my asshole neighbors who would rake their leaves and put the piles in the street instead of bagging them up to throw away. Now those leaves are just going to blow into everyone else’s yard…bastards.

          2. @Little Foot, really? Way to piss your neighbours off! Aren’t people allowed to burn a pile of leaves in your state? Or is it only permitted in certain seasons, ie. not summer!

    1. Wow, that would’ve been 100% proof that he was a shitty person in life. Struck down from a tree, destroyed his nuts, and disposed of in a freaking waste bin all in one swift blow!
      But it would’ve been funny as shit! πŸ˜†

    1. @uli, the link to the Capuchin monkey was unusual too, though not unwanted. I have heard of these monkeys before, as an only child I was a voracious reader of animal atlas’s and encyclopedia’s etc. I shock people with my animal knowledge! The monkey in the Y the Last Man series, a comic story, was a Capuchin. These monkeys are often used for the disabled too, very clever little guys.

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  1. Looks like another episode of “Ow my balls” from the documentary “Idiocracy” This movie started out as a comedy but it is now considered to be a documentary. As for the hapless idiot in the tree, well yet again Darwin wins!

  2. Hahaha
    Monkey is him ,he thought…
    WTF was he doing up that tree .first he monkeyed around
    later for about a wee while he held on to some of the branches
    and the next minute the gravity pulled him down
    with his nuts getting crushed first by the edge of the rooftop and then the pavement paved a way in twisting his neck and sniffing his drunken FUCKING life out .

    Here is cautionary note:
    When in a Bar get Boozed but don’t be a Monkey !

  3. I suppose he couldn’t hang on much longer and tried his luck to swing onto the roof, I suppose landing on your feet and shattering your legs… nevermind, what shocks me is, he is in a open public place, surely someone saw him and maybe tried to at least help him out??

    1. Landing on anything else may have prevented him from snapping his neck. He’d still be pretty messed up though, but at least he’d be alive, even though he’d be seriously feeling the pain of his nuts that got destroyed on the way down.

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