Man on Top of Tree Crushed After Cutting Down Large Branch

Man on Top of Tree Crushed After Cutting Down Large Branch

In Thailand, a man was found dead on a tree. He was apparently trying to cut down branches, and a large branch fell and pinned him against the tree, crushing him to death.

Not everyday you get to see a man died on top of a tree crushed by a tree.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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      1. He is a selfish, manipulative piece of shit. Used to be a cop at one point but luckily he quit after a couple of years otherwise I guarantee we’d be seeing him on here beating up innocent people. He never did anything to me personally but he’s put my mom through hell after my grandma died (who he never visit or helped take care of) and now he wants all of her money even though there’s hardly any to begin with. He’s the definition of what’s wrong with this country…step on everyone else to get ahead in life and get rich without ever doing any work. Okay that’s my rant lol 😀

          1. @Bunker

            It’s sad people like this are still alive and most of the ones I know are living comfortably while all the good people I know are struggling to pay their bills…it’s really unfair.

          1. Maybe I’ll explain that one later sugar I’m not getting my mind back in that one till I get home and raid my liquor cabinet…

          2. lol I didn’t mean I was gonna blast myself with the liquor just one or two good shots to relax by… And its just memories from my deployment the Thai bush being a particular nasty one.

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