Man Smashed Flat from Shoulders Up by Drop Hammer

Man Smashed Flat from Shoulders Up by Drop Hammer

Drccoco says that years ago, when he was an aircraft structure mechanic, there was one of these scary drop hammers
in the building next door. They used to form panels, aircraft skins ect. It shook the whole cement foundation every time it came down.

I don’t have any background info about what happened or where in these photos, but it looks to me like it could have been in Japan. It must have been a case of temporary lapse in awareness but unfortunately, if you work around machines capable of crushing you without breaking a sweat, any lapse in awareness could be fatal.

As for Drop Hammers – they are used in steal factories as metal shapers or cutters. Nowadays they are mostly hydraulically powered and often equipped with safety features requiring all workers who operate the machine to step away and press their respective buttons at the same time as others for the die to come down. For when it does come down, there is no stopping it. It’ll crush everything in its path.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

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49 thoughts on “Man Smashed Flat from Shoulders Up by Drop Hammer”

    1. I bet there are a helluva lot more cases of safety equipment causing an accident than osha would like to admit. For instance, earplugs that muffle the sound of a hydraulic brake as it lowers it’s way down closer to making brain pancakes, or safety gloves filled with used needles and piranhas.
      But seriously though, I don’t see the point in wearing a helmet around a machine that can crush thick steel with ease.

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  2. This sort of seems like it could’ve been suicide. The photos just look so odd, like he placed his head there on purpose. Why in the world would you put your head in there if you had any plans on living the rest of the day? It doesn’t make sense.

  3. Ok, right before the hammer comes all the way down, just jerk yourself out of there. I’ll let you know when.
    Ok, give me your best pose, and hold it, and wait for it… Wait for it. Now say, ‘Swiss Cheese!”
    Oh! Damn Suzuki! I fuck up. I didn’t know it was going to come down so soon like that. Oh well, Best Gore will enjoy these pic better anyhow.

  4. That looks like a 500 ton press, the technical term is a ‘blanker’ or Hydraulic press.

    When I was working at Ford I was occassionly asked to operate one of these monsters. My regular position was operating a 100 ton computer controlled automatic blanker capable of pumping out smaller components at a rate of 120 a minute.

    Anywho, see those 2 steel rods either side of flat head are actually bolts to hold the top of the ‘die’ (pun unintended :mrgreen) in place. You can see one of the bolts on the bottom left holding the bottom half of the die in place.

    The idiot was loading a new die and that material looks like some dodgy attempt to make a spacer and he was trying to put it thru to the other side and the machine ‘cycled’.

    Clearly this idiot was not using the safety blocks to prevent ‘cycling’. When the safety block are in place they are plugged into sockets which also isolate power.

    This very same thing happened at Ford and the dude was pancaked from the waist up……… MESSY.

    Here endith the lesson kids…….. Have a good day and bite me :mrgreen

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