Man Suffers Foot Injury in Apparent Forklift Accident

Man Suffers Foot Injury in Apparent Forklift Accident

Man Suffers Foot Injury in Apparent Forklift Accident

In what looks like an outdoor market, a man apparently had his foot run over by a forklift. There is a crate of carrots next to him, but it’s too small for a forklift, so I presume he was the one who carried it.

The forklift showed no mercy to his flip flop protected foot, and degloved almost half of his left sole. The flip flop remained trapped under the machine’s wheel.

I have no backinfo, but the language spoken in the video sounds Portuguese to me, so it could be from Brazil.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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46 thoughts on “Man Suffers Foot Injury in Apparent Forklift Accident”

  1. Guy has absolutely no respect whatsoever for his Dr. Scholl’s insoles. Dat Fucking Foot-Fetish Killer.
    Dr. Scholl’s® Shoes – Up to 50% Off Sale – Winter Clearance, perfect for the one footer dude, LOL..

  2. The chilli-dawg, chimmichunga slurpin’ fool gone tripped on a carrot that fell outta his wooden box of carrots he got for his birthday and busted his foot open on the blunt tip of the carrot.
    Thank fuck the passing forklift truck driver had the sharp wits to stop in time or there coulda been a serious carrot related incident.
    Perhaps someone could have fallen on one of them darn carrots and it could accidentally slipped right up their anal sphincter. I think I saw a video on this very website where some surgeons were having to remove just such a root vegetable from just such an orifice. Or was it a large slippery eel from just such an orifice? Or was it a large wooden pepper grinder? Hell it don’t matter… accidents will happen!

      1. @illegalsmile55
        I just dampened my boxers a little (and not in a jizzy nice way). The exit was quite a thing! Like a Walrus birthing a Hippo or something. Look at that fucking thing! It has been whittled at the ends with an axe or something! I would suggest that was a deliberate thing to whittle the ends, sand it smooth and then generously smear it with some petroleum-gel-based lubricant… so that when some poor unfortunate who just happened to be passing nearby slipped… it would instantly slide up their arse like a neatly trimmed and smoothly buffed vaseline coated fencepost.

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