Man Trying to Break Up Fighting Dogs Gets Spun on Power Take-off Shaft

Man Trying to Break Up Fighting Dogs Gets Spun on Power Take-off Shaft

Man Trying to Break Up Fighting Dogs Gets Spun on Power Take-off Shaft

I don’t have any backinfo, but the video shows a group of people trying to break up a dogfight, while a tractor continues to power a contraption of unknown purpose.

An older man sporting a stick tries to hit the fighting black-and-while dogs while being too close to the revolving power take-off shaft. His loose clothing gets caught and he’s taken for a spin – literally.

Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for the video:

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125 thoughts on “Man Trying to Break Up Fighting Dogs Gets Spun on Power Take-off Shaft”

  1. loose dogs are unwanted vermin, far more dangerous than rats..and one should always be armed and blast them dead on sight. Do NOT fail to keep an extra shell in the chamber, since some dog fetish owners feel compelled to accompany their mutts to doggie heaven.
    CAnine worshiping sociopaths are rife in my country, despite their beasts’enormous carbon footprint> this archaic practice of breeding dogs for ornamental purposes has been fostered by our Pet Food corporations with senseless propaganda like dogs being “part of the family” and encouraging lonely Americans to bring these filthy, human-engineered mutations into their kitchens and bedrooms! Can you imagine the amount of meat they consume? The money spent on this useless, obsolete “hobby”?

    these warped, mentally-ill humans deserve no pity nor understanding. They need to be heavily taxed for the pollution their living dolls create and burdens their shit places on our sidewalks, parks,storm drains and landfills. See some twisted freak walking their ‘best friend” in the street? Hurl a fist-sized rock at the retards without warning. Drive these lepers out of our cities.
    Dog owners belong in kennels…they are twisted mental defectives and unfit for human habitation

      1. cats are little different in terms of carbon footprint, and mostly due to cat litter, which dogs don’t use. But, cats don’t maul toddlers and the elderly. Trust me, I’ve poisoned many cats. Stray cats don’t get any preferential treatment from me…but I don’t have the same amount of hatred to them as I do a dog that dares to growl and bare its teeth at me..that enrages me. It also enrages me when an owner allows a dog to bark. That is an unpardonable offense I will never ignore. A barking dog’s owner will incur property damage. This is a given. I will smash their cars, puncture their roofs, and terrorize them with flying rocks. You stifle that fucking noise or watch your car be destroyed

      1. Dogs have no purpose to exist at all, (except perhaps in Asia where they are domesticated for food). Their ancient purpose as guards or alarms have been supplanted by police and other technologies. 98% of dogs are engineered to serve an ornamental purpose or to substitute a relationship with a fellow human being….and that is just aberrant and sociopathic, like giving a baby chimp a towel to love. dog lovers are indeed disturbed humans that feel the need to subjugate an animal because they can’t find a human that will tolerate that dominance.

        And that is why I have an innate hatred to humans that feel compelled to have an engineered mutation that doesn’t exist in nature to do tricks and show affection in return for food. I could beat a dog worshiper with a baseball bat the same way I could with a pedophile.. I see them as diseased, and frankly? They shouldn’t be allowed in Society

          1. hunting. you need a dog to locate an animal to kill? with our amazing technology? That’s like some japanese fisherman who claims he needs a cormorant in order to catch his supper.. Police dogs? they are used for humanitarian purposes. you use a dog to convince a criminal to surrender, but its a lot easier and cheaper to just rain lead in their direction. they don’t use police dogs much in Asia, they use their pistols instead.

            you might have a case with drug-sniffing dogs, but soon there will be technology that makes that purpose obsolete as well Any idea how expensive drug-sniffing and police dogs are? what a fucking waste of taxpayer money. Most dogs are completely unsuitable for such tasks. the VAST majority

    1. I’m one of those sociopathic dog owners, but mine has a small carbon footprint, if fact he has a small footprint period since he’s a chihuahua.
      I do agree with you in some ways, like assholes who leave their dogs outside 24/7, year round to bark nonstop with no human interaction, and the ones who allow their dogs to roam freely to join up into feral breeding pacts..
      Years ago I lived down the road from a snowbird trailer park and every year when it was time for the snowbirds to go home at least one dog would be dropped off in my driveway. I had no neighbors and had a river on one side and a game sanctuary on the other. Animal control would not come out unless the animal was caught. So my choices were let them starve, get snake bit, or eaten by a predictor like a bobcat or coyote.
      The ones who would come up to me and were friendly I took to work, and almost all were adopted. The ones who stayed around the perimeter and too fearful or mean, well, let’s just say I was left to do some assholes dirty work. That was the most humane thing I could do, and I hate the fuckers for it.

      1. a chihuahua is NOT a dog it is a shrieking, trembling, neurotic rat.
        If some mad scientist bred you down into a 10 inch tall human being? you’d be as crazy as one of those mutations. There’s a TRUE crime against nature. Humane? you DARE use that word?

        this is one of the proofs I use to convince myself that there can’t be a God.. if there was, we would be verily smote and struck down for shrinking a wolf down into some ornamental experiment that fits inside a teacup. There’s no way a moral human being would take part in that, regardless of whatever bullshit rationalizations you use here to convince yourself otherwise. FUCK.YOU.

        1. You can’t respond without becoming unhinged? My dog doesn’t shriek , or tremble nor is he neurotic.
          And I didn’t shrink him down from a wolf, he was like that when I got him.
          This conversation appears to be unraveling you so I’m signing off. Time to take the dog for a walk so he can go doo doo, then get his treat for being a good boy.

          1. I’ve been calling my pooch ‘Capt Vermin’ all day. He likes it. Sometimes I change it up and call him ‘Squirmin Vermin’. He likes that too.
            I feel myself becoming unhinged.

    1. some silly stupid wog that hasn’t the brains to understand the danger of a machine just because some filthy animals are fighting? who gives a fuck? let them fight to the death, usually humans PAY to see that sort of thing. Why on Earth stop it unless you are tired of the noise?

        1. perhaps in caveman times..this alpha beta thing theory might fly.

          But humans AREN’t animals anymore, not really. our technology has changed all that.

          Look at the male movie stars? is Ryan Gosling “alpha”? Edward Norton? DiCrapio? Johnny Depp? but they are the sex objects the girls go for now. not an alpha in the bunch

          Einstein. got laid a LOT. is he alpha? Zappa? its big brains now, or money. its not brawn. that only works to sell paper towels these days.

          1. Fighting for alpha position is in instincts you can’t just get rid of it. Animals first start to fight vocally by make agressive sounds if that doesn’t work they start fighting until the winner is clear. Me thinks this is enough for you to understand( this theory is quite complex to explain about movie stars I think is just between sheeples)

          2. well if you mean alpha is aggression then yeah maybe so… humans will never get away from that until sex is no longer used for procreation

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      1. that is not a chinese name. its japanese and they are CLEARLy superior. In fact, its obvious to anyone with a sense of history. Japan has a cohesive, disciplined culture of refinement and appreciation of nature. the Chinese are like greedy beasts, more dog-like than human.

          1. Hers probably tastes like shit, live everyone else’s. Although, I’d argue that shit doesn’t taste like what people think shit taste likes. It’s a kind of bitter amalgamation of faint tastes from food that person ate.
            I don’t eat it for the taste though.

      1. My Spinopsis, would be that his Tumble Dry shirt got caught by the Agitation of the dogs, causing a Rotator Cuff. I saw this very same thing happen in a Sleeve McQueen movie years ago.

        I’m just hoping that authorities will Button Down, and find out what really Unfolded.

        1. Yup, there’s a new wrinkle to this event..
          They’ll need to iron out the details in their story and put a good spin on it when the law arrives.
          One thing for certain though is the victim always gets the shaft, and most likely will get collared.

          1. With all of the video showing those farmers and the couple of idiots going apeshit about their dogs fighting over half
            eaten chicken bones ; a deeper aspect basically needed an all important mention which sorta went amiss ; about their shafting tardily in unison , and living up to tell the tale to their youngsters, as to how villages give two hoots about any city’s MERRY- GO-ROUND thrills when their own village packs so much fun that too, for free !

    1. unless you are going to provide a link to the previous post shut your fucking mouth about reruns,. what is the point if we can’t read the comments? be grateful for the content and show respect for the site

      1. i show the respect i want, to what i want and who i want, like i want.

        you are nothing here and definitly not a good enougth troll to have control over my decision.

        now , how about you grow some balls and share a video of yourself shooting off your own head with a toothpick. as small your head should be, a toothpick should impale you head enougth to paint one side of an M&M’s.

        chop chop little shit !

  2. Growing up where I did it was common place to see Dogs going at it with each other and sometimes Dog vs human, the way the they dealt with it was by grabbing a dog by it’s hinde legs and treating it the same you would as a “Wishbone” brutal but effective.

  3. Not that it matters much ; but the man with the lose clothing enjoyed his moments of whirling around the shaft for free.

    Also, was another dickhead lined up , wearing whites who was to go up next for that ,”feeling weak at the knees” kinda thrill ; but the tripped up power brought the wobbly game play to an abrupt end , with someone saying , Ya allah !

  4. All I know is that to me
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  5. This may be a rather stupid question BUT I’m going to ask anyway.. Do you think that would have killed him or would he just have a bad case of the spins? Fuck I don’t even get that many Free Spins on the slot machines!

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