Man Working on Empty Oil Tank Catches Fire

Man Working on Empty Oil Tank Catches Fire

Man Working on Empty Oil Tank Catches Fire

China CCTV: Footage released shows maintenance man inside empty oil tank, when a spark ignites into flames. There is another man inside with the worker who waits for fire to subside to escape. He walks casually away from tank, leaving man inside. He seems uninterested to tell anyone what just happened.

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      1. I suppose he should have tried something to help him but he definitely didn’t look too concerned. Then again, like Richard Pryor said after he caught himself on fire freebasing…”I found out that, when you on fire, people will get out of your way!”

    1. Being a boilermaker, and watching the way the gas took flame, I would say they where battling to light a oxygen acetylene cutting torch, was probably open for a while acetylene is heavier than air and settled on the bottom, dumb egg rolls didn’t know the smell and became California rolls instead.
      Bright Sparks….

        1. Okay let’s combine the 2 options, they didn’t close the torch/leaking gas pipe/bottle,
          While the tank was full of acetylene the one guy stepped on a stick welder holder, boom!

          The other arc flashes is the holder again as he runs around looking for his non existent fire extinguisher.

  1. It looks to me like these guys were up to no good, & not even supposed to be in there to begin with! So when the man was questioned, he just quickly kept walking away leaving his accomplice inside.

    Also, the man that got-out looked like he had sustained some injuries of his own. But who knows,,, as it is pretty far to see clearly.

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          1. They shave their armpits and legs.

            Dark haired people in general, East Asians included, always have body hair.

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  3. Typical Chinese working safety. There are over a billion of them so there will always be a new Chinaman to replace the wokked one. They really have no safety culture of any kind. Trust me. I’m from Russia and our factories are really safe compared to Chinese ones. It is difficult to find a new man from let’s say Siberia, but in China is’s a way too easy. So they really don’t care.

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