Man from Zambia Falls Through Latrine, Ends Up Trapped in Sticky Fecal Matter

Man from Zambia Falls Through Latrine, Ends Up Trapped in Sticky Fecal Matter

This video is from the Garden Compound located less than a kilometer away from the Central Business District of Zambia’s capital city, Lusaka. It is called “Garden” thanks to the lush plant life surrounding it. These plants grow in abundance thanks to fertilization from numerous sewage ponds which are located there.

Many Zambians have their dwellings just meters away from these ponds. But despite being located near the main sewerage treatment center, 99.99% of their so called toilets are not connected to the sewage system. Instead, they use pit latrines.

A man identified only as Zulu took on a job to remove human fecal matter from a latrine pit that was overflowing. He fell through the latrine and into the thick and sticky human excrement. The shit he was in was so thick and sticky, he was unable to pull himself out of there. So the rescuers arrived, but they couldn’t pull him out either, and had to resort to digging him out of the stinky pit of poop with a shovel.

Props to Best Gore member African Angel for the video:

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    1. I think that I read about this guy. Without looking up the story, I think he was recording women as they void their colon practically on his face.
      This ambitious motherfucker has a job waiting for him at CNN.

      1. I actually looked it up, it was here in Maine where the guy did t. Strangely, it was not his first time in the shitter. First time he said he dropped a ring in there and was merely looking for it! Second time, he said he dropped his shirt in as he was cleaning the seat off…..
        Even worse, the dude is very easy on the eyes. Seems a shock when people who do nasty shit like this are attractive!

    1. There’s was NO chance that he was gonna decline the post shit pit interview. These things will do anything to get on TV.
      I was waiting for his mandatory shout out to RayRay and his boo, Saran Wrapliqette.

  1. They shoulda just filled that pit in with him in it. I mean, who wants to be sitting there taking a dump and as you look down there’s a big turd looking back at you smiling and introducing himself as Zulu Poo poo?

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