Mexican Construction Worker Fail

Mexican Construction Worker Fail - Drills Floor Hes Standing On Loose and Falls

Lack of workplace safety can lead to some funny moments, except not for him who ends up hurting. This construction worker from a site near Mexico City could tell you all about it.

You can tell his co-worker who filmed the fail anticipated the fall to happen. Given the lack of security precautions, coupled with the risky undertaking of drilling loose the slab of floor under one’s feet, what else could it lead to? Did he really think he could keep his balance standing on the beam with a running jackhammer in his hands.

Props to Best Gore member hellektronegative for the video:

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  1. I’ll be a prick and state that I wanted this to end like some adult cartoon where he falls to the floor below and the electric jack hammer follows straight to his groin and starts chipping away at his junk while he makes silly “Ohhhhhh!” faces. Perhaps this guy would be better off making a run for the border and to go and pick strawberries in Southern California.

  2. On an added note, the trail for Luka Magnotta (the Lunatic with an Ice Pick) has just started. His lawyer is pleading not guilty by means of mental disorder (Schizophrenia) even though Magnotta doesn?t deny committing that murder. I hope Mark Marek is doing well despite his current ‘Soft Detention’ status and that he’ll be kept apprised of any developments in the Magnotta trial. Send our support his way if you can, I’m sure he could use the camaraderie of his fellow Goreonauts to bolster his spirits.

      1. Yes, but the first few sessions of a murder trial begin with preliminary deposition from key experts do as to establish key facts of evidence and introductory arguments presented by both councils. Currently they’re bickering over the pathology of damage to the victims body. The interesting portions will some when the psychology of Magnotta is explored. I’m further curious to know if and how this trial will affect Mark Marek and Best Gore, both in the short and long term.

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      1. @danielray..
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        Hmm.. @stomper..
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        @Boozer.. how are you? I hope you are getting better..

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