Texas Oilfield Worker Is Dead, Completely Dead

Texas Oilfield Worker Is Dead, Completely Dead

Texas Oilfield Worker Is Dead, Completely Dead

According to the info I got, this happened somewhere near Midland, Texas. The guy works in the oil field. He operated a pump truck that is filled with water from oil wells then dumped at a disposal bin. Apparently he forgot to make sure his brakes were locked and when he went to attach the hose he was crushed between his truck and the disposal bin.

As the Spanish speaking individual filming the video so poignantly points out, here you can see the driver is dead, completely dead. He’s completely dead, the driver. Something happen with the brake, he come in the back… here you can watch he’s dead, completely dead.

Props to Best Gore member @me2buddy for the video:

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302 thoughts on “Texas Oilfield Worker Is Dead, Completely Dead”

  1. Geez. Get in the f’n truck and drive up so this guy can stand back up. Why is he just blabbing the dude is dead. The dude must have ate something bad because he is a bit blue.

  2. Ok. Here is what happened. The guy taking drove the truck backward on the ‘hulkster’ dude and is blaming him and the brakes. The dude owed him $10 and did not pay him back. So he got angry. Here is the outcome. If he really wanted to save the dude, he would drive forward. The guy has 1000 pounds of pressure so in a few hours, he may be dead.

  3. I know that feeling… I also have such a face on the toilet after 5 boxes of chinese food. That feeling when you press so hard ( or in this case when you are pressed so hard) that your head becomes blue from all the arterial blood flowing into the core region but none flowing into the head.

  4. A better, more descriptive title would have been:
    Texas, The Republic of Texas, Oilfield Worker, Employed Worker, Is Dead, Completely Dead.

    I suspect he found out what the real cultural heritage of his camera man is. Illegals replacing citizens one at a time… by accident.

  5. I’ve worked in West Tx oil fields for many yrs was actually in Midland last yr. too many fucking idiots on the roads driving those trucks and etc. poor guy tho. Failed to put his chocks now he’s crushed
    And with this cameraman jeez
    Pinche mojado!

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