MMA Fighter Johnathan King Sticks Out Like Sore Thumb

MMA Fighter Johnathan King Sticks Out Like Sore Thumb

MMA fighter Johnathan King suffers a horrific leg break injury during his fight against Chris Williams, 5th of January at the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Had this only been a photo, it would have been a great The Caption This Photo Contest, dontcha’ think?

Just 20 seconds into the bout, King delivers a low kick that lands directly on Williams’ knee, causing King’s right leg to break. King lies on the ground waiting for medics following the injury.

After a speedy surgery to set the leg and after speedy physical therapy Johnathan King goes home.

Props to Best Gore member @gorefest1971 for the video:

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            Nobody really likes to talk about the details of filmed human butchery in ‘real life’ it seems, I want to talk about it often because it’s fascinating. I also read a lot and study I.T. so it’s just another conversation. I ignore all sports conversations, but I’ll talk about sex.

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      1. Shit he had no idea at first he even broke those scrawny ass chicken sticks he calls legs. He kicked that fella and thought it was just a normal kick then he put that foot on the ground..TIMBER!
        Got to hand it to man-buns he was pretty calm for a dude that just smashed two hard core bones in the leg. I would of been screaming BRING ME SOME MORPHINE NOW!

    1. ouais enfin, c’est surtout du show..
      c’estcomme le catch, c’est pas fait pour tuer, y a pas vraiment de force , c’est surtout pour le show. tout les sports sont ainsi, autrement ce serait juste interdit.

      donc ouai, ils sont loin de vraiment se faire du mal a l’entrainement, et ce genre de “gag” se produit plus souvent qu’on le croit.

      le pire , c’est que les gens y croient. comme au catch, beaucoup de personnes pensent qu’ils se battent vraiment, mais en fait ils font a moitié semblant.

      c’est pour ça qu’il disent au enfants de ne pas le reproduire chez eux, car c’est tout du fake. mais les gosses eux , ils pensent que c’est vrai.

      oui, ils saignent, mais pas besoin de taper fort pour saigner. et c’est tout une pratique de savoir “ou” taper et “comment ” taper.

      le vrai sport, MMA, boxe, etc.. ça n’existe plus depuis bien longtemps. aujourdhui, c’est tout du showbiz.

  1. These are harder for me to watch than a beheading. Probably because I’ve broken both legs before, and had multiple knee surgeries due to dislocations/hyperextentions.

    This one isn’t as bad as some I’ve seen, but I won’t be watching it again, while I go back and rewatch some of the goriest videos I can find.

      1. @hopingfornemesis, I raced flattrack and motocross in my younger days. One of the kids I raced with went on to be quite famous. Ricky Carmichael. I always came in 2nd to that guy when we were young. His dad made sure they had the fastest quad on the track. It was really all about who’s dad had the most money. But I was lucky. My dad was/is a superhero in the garage.

  2. I don’t understand. I’m not even grossed out at all when I see a video or picture of a person getting cut in half and their guts spilling out all over the ground with a nasty splat, but I’m repulsed and cringing at pics and videos of limbs bending in ways they shouldn’t.

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