Nail Gun Explodes, Nail Embeds In Cheek

Nail Gun Explodes, Nail Embeds In Cheek

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Nobodyro, who’s a real hot piece… I mean, who had a mishap with a nail gun and ended up with a nail embedded in his cheek:

Last year, I had an accident, while I was fixing a metal bar which was the starting base for the ceiling that I was building. The nail gun which I was using exploded, and a nail embedded in my right cheek.

The removal surgery lasted about 45-50 minutes. The nail got stuck in soft tissue, hit the saliva duct and muscles used for smiling.

The picture where I’ wearing a black shirt, is when I still had the nail in my cheek. The one where blood is dripping was taken after surgery. The nail was removed.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @nobodyro. Hopefully it’s all healed now and you have a beauty speck of a scar.

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41 thoughts on “Nail Gun Explodes, Nail Embeds In Cheek”

  1. @nobodyro. normally the nail guns don’t explode . I am guesstimating that the nailgun you owned wasn’t from a trusted brand . There is one in a million chance that an incident like this to occur . Freak as you may like to call it but you were lucky enough that day not to lose your eye . Are you left with the scar or it has healed and disappeared with a slight blemish.?

    1. It is a Ram Set. This gun shoots 22cal. shells. This is how we nail 2×6 into our I beams in the ceiling. These ram-sets will penetrate 1/4 inch steel, like a walk in the park. HILTI is the main supplier of these nailers. In my 25 + yrs. of construction, i have yet to see one miss-fire. When somebody got injured by one in the past, human error was the cause 100% of the time, upon many of my incident reports to the Construction Safety Association.

      1. Yeah, I have heard some whoppers in my day and “it just exploded” usually requires a little investigation. I had some idiot tell me he nailed his palm with a palm nailer while putting on hangers, after ten minutes of bullshit he finally admitted to pushing the damn thing directly into his palm.

  2. I would need to see his eyes to determine if he’s a “hot piece”, the bottom half minus the beard (is that a beard?) looks very nice though!
    About the nail hitting the saliva duct – does that mean you will now drool? @nobodyro 🙂

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