Paratrooper Accidentally Kills a Child and Gives It Glasgow Smile

Paratrooper Accidentally Kills a Child and Gives It Glasgow Smile

I don’t have full story on what exactly happened, but from what I understand, the accident took place in Thailand during an air show. Thai paratrooper accidentally flew into the crowd having been swept by strong undercurrents and landed on a child. An accidental kick to the child’s mouth gave it nasty Glasgow Smile and brain damage that cost the child a life.

That’s all I could gather. It may have happened in 2009. The video is below. Anybody knows more about it?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I don’t know if you have some info that leads you to believe that the parachutist was a military one, but “paratrooper” definitely implies a parachutist who’s jumping in a military capacity (even if on a demo).

    I’m a sport skydiver, and no skydivers I know refer to other sport or demo skydivers as “paratroopers” unless those being referred to are indeed military jumpers.

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