Filipino Kid Scalped by Corn Grinding Machine

Kid Seems to Be Handling Scalping Well

Filipino Kid Scalped by Corn Grinding Machine

According to the backinfo I got, this formerly long-haired Philippine kid was playing with friends around a working corn grinding machine. At one point, the long hair got wrapped around the revolving shaft of the machine, which does not stop for anyone’s locks.

The kid got scalped and covered in blood, but seemingly remained calm despite the ordeal. That’s all I got for backinfo.

Props to Best Gore member @bestgorename for the pics:

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      1. I think his shitting in the corn rows are over. But look on the bright side, in 1837, the Mexican state of Chihuahua passed a law offering a bounty on Indian scalps. Indian men brought $100, Indian women brought $50, and Indian children brought $25. (Grease up this flips a bit and you could have $25 bucks!)

        Fun facts:

        Herodotus wrote in 440 B.C. that the Scythian soldiers scalped their dead enemies, softened them, and used them as napkins. (Wonder what they used for toilet paper)

        Gov. Charles Lawrence of Canada issued a resolution calling for scalping in 1756 against the Micmac and other Indians. His proclamation said:

        And, we do hereby promise, by and with the consent of His Majesty’s Council, a reward of 30 pounds for every live male Indian prisoner, above the age of sixteen years, brought in alive; or for a scalp of such male Indian twenty-five pounds, and twenty-five pounds for every Indian woman or child brought in alive: Such rewards to be paid by the Officer commanding at any of His Majesty’s Forts in this Province, immediately upon receiving the Prisoners or Scalps above mentioned, according to the intent and meaning of this Proclamation.

        This proclamation is still on the books. A motion in 2008 to reverse it did not pass.
        (Time to sharpen up my skinning knife)

        Col. John Chivington, said before ordering the attack on Cheyenne on the banks of Sand Creek: “Damn any man who sympathizes with Indians. Kill and scalp all, big and little; nits make lice.”

        (It was better to kill an Indian child than to let him grow up and kill you, oh the fun times we’ve could have had.)

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    1. Yes its the same village where he and his friends always get it done for free with the same old Corn grinding machine ,even though each of them is paid a cent by their parents to take a haircut from the barber .

    1. I like how you take a selfie, but act too cool to actually look at the camera, and you wear a tie, but are too cool to actually button your shirt all the way. I like that. I imagine that’s what smart people would do.

          1. Wish it was that easy . The point is someone will have a hold on me even when I ……………………….
            wanna do it again but that someone at the helm is gonna do it for me ultimately ………………………. anyway let’s see it get done in the name of @celestetheviking of a sweet chequeredina chick .

  1. As a paramedic, I have seen this several times. If properly treated, victims do survive.

    I’ve also seen people get themselves caught in the PTO (Power Take Off) rotating pipe. Most were dead by the time I got there, but I ran across two that died shortly after. It didn’t appear that they were having any fun.

    Farmers would often remove the shield that covered the PTO, but would forget that they had. Then they would be thinking of something else and when they stepped down off the tractor, instead of stepping on the shield, they ended up straddling the PTO.

    I saw one guy have his balls and cock ripped completely off, leaving a massive cave in the lower abdomen. That poor dude lived for three days before dying. I don’t know how he survived so long, but his screams would have given the average Best Gore fan an orgasm. Maybe more than one.

    1. I had a friend who died from PTO. They surmised his raincoat got caught in it and he was pulled into the Bush hog. His mom found him, he was only 18 years old. I remember a floral arrangement at his funeral that said ‘Forever in Blue jeans’, and that creeped me out as much as the way he died. He hated Neil Diamond!

    1. The beauty of a globalised ,neo- liberal workforce with watered -down worker protection laws and educational standards.Thanks Anglo-Disease(for those that don’t know, that is what nonanglo thriving Countries call globalised neoliberal economics which produces the above . Ie Scandinavia ,France ,China ,Singapore and even Germany all laugh at us ).
      Otherwise known as Voodoo Economics as Reagan’s own advisers called it whilst laughing at him. Yet it caught on ,pushed by newly educated and educated imperious “democrats”types now called Neo -Cohens!

    2. Most modern tractors now have a better way to dismount the tractor, but there are tons of older tractors still on the farms. Properly cared for, a John Deere tractor will run a long, long time.

  2. metal head-bangin’ longhairs went out last century, flip.

    you’re still a bit behind the times with the skinhead look. and the wrong race.

    but? bahala na lang migo

  3. Just look at that beautiful bald boy.
    Wait, is that bare skullbone !?

    If the photographer hadn’t watched that damn online photography class & think that black & white is more “subjective” &”emotional” maybe we would have a more definitive answer to this question. Damn artsy wannabes

  4. Nobody panic that he remained calm. In a few years his “family and friends” will having him getting hysterical over Pinoy Big Brother and he will become suicidal when a girl blocks him on social media. Thank civilized society for saving us from our soft primitive nature.

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