Photos of Kenneka Jenkins – Chicago Teen Was Found Dead in Walk-in Freezer

Photos of Kenneka Jenkins - Chicago Teen Was Found Dead in Walk-in Freezer

On September 10, 2017, dead body of 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins was found in a walk in freezer at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Rosemont, 17 miles northwest of Chicago in Illinois, USA. Since the discovery, the circumstances of her death have been the subject of much speculation and controversy.

To this day, it is not certain how or why the teenager died, and according to Jenkins’s family attorney Larry Rogers Jr., the photos, which were released by Rosemont Police Department yesterday, raise more questions than answers about what happened.

What is known is that on September 9, 2017, Kenneka Jenkins partied in the hotel with her friends. She was caught on the hotel’s CCTV cameras stumbling through the halls of the building and into a vacant kitchen with the attached walk in fridge. There is 36 hours of the CCTV footage obtained through a FOIA request, none of which is excessively interesting. YouTube is full of it if anyone has nothing better to do.

Whereas it is not certain what exactly happened, I’ll leave you all to come up with your own theories. Props to Best Gore member @Dabalina for the tip on the pictures:

Here’s 10 hours of CCTV footage from the Crowne Plaza Hotel filmed on the day of Kenneka Jenkins’ death. The camera is labeled KitchenEast:

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  1. Stumbling drunk through the hotel kitchen in search of some left over fried chicken… the walk in freezer was her last hope but alas there was none to be found. When are they gonna learn… KFC delivers now.

  2. Maybe she got drunk so fast that she stumbled into the walk-in freezer, then passed out. Those freezers can get cold very quickly, and it wouldn’t be long before the cold knocked her out. Saw the photo of the thermometer, but that picture could have been taken after the body was discovered–when it became relevant–and after which everybody and their grandmother would be peering into the freezer.

    Only thing I can’t explain was how that sneaker came off her foot.

    “In this universe, there is only one absolute. Everything freezes!” (Mr. Freeze, Batman and Robin)

      1. Most of these freezers are equipped with a button knob on the inside, and in some cases, this knob is made from material that glows in the dark. All she’d have to do is push against it and the door would have popped open, but if she really was THAT drunk, maybe she wasn’t even able to stand up in order to do that.

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      1. Might have been, but that sounds more like something a white girl would do; like throw her shoe against the door in frustration, crumple onto the floor, then start bawling in despair.

        Most black girls I know would have found a way to DEMOLISH that door, safety-release knob or not.

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  3. People who are blackout drunk will do stupid things. I fell in the Tennessee River when it was about 25F/-4C outside. I was 19 and wasted. My idiot ass deserved to freeze to death but thankfully I was with a bunch of other drunk people who didn’t let me. I didn’t even feel the cold.

          1. Hey, I admitted it, Bubba. What more do ya want? Should I have a drama queen meltdown now or just wait for the next time Mark posts a “female driver” story? Lol

            Psycho, I only know those too.

    1. Very true. I remember walking home during a snow storm, drunk on brandy. I fell backward into a snow drift and it was so comfortable I was considering just napping for a bit. Then I remembered I told people I would call when I got home and it was way before cell phones. Better to stick with weed.

  4. Sadly she might have been the victim of a hate crime where white businessmen from the hotel were looking to take advantage of this poor young woman.

    A march should be organized against this crime and the hotel

    Stop the Hate

    1. You need to add another “K” to your username and completely change your attitude.

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      1. The local Police and the FBI need to check out the guests of the hotel. Many time white businessmen on work related travel try to pick up innocent black girls with promises of gifts.

        The local Black Lives Matter groups need to march and boycott white owned businesses until justice is achieved.

        1. You’re right @BlackBarbii. A joke is always a fail if it has to be explained to you.
          Maybe a knock-knock joke would have been more fitting in her situation. Right? (You see, because she could knock on the door and in knock-knock joke etiquette someone would be obligated to answer and maybe let her out of the freezer.)

    1. Her being undressed is not unusual for people freezing to death. Many times when someone is found frozen to death, they are completely nude. It’s a condition called paradoxical undressing which is very typical with people freezing to death. I’d imagine with her going to a party and getting drunk, that probably compounded everything. She was probably going crazy until the very end.

    1. That’s what pissed me off. Pictures n comments from the “mother” of this p.o.s. “sumbodee kilt ma Chile! I feel like Dem po-leece kilt ma Chile!”…..etc etc
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      Everyone’s fault but her own she birthed yet another hood rat. Who was stupid enough ta get fucked up n TRESSPASS then die.

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  5. Actually it’s not unusual people found frozen to death to be naked. It’s a condition called paradoxical undressing. So her being naked or partially undressed doesn’t seem like foul play. It could also be that because she was drunk and having been at a party, that she was under the influence and not thinking clearly.

  6. She got drunk, walked into the fridge thinking it was a ladies or something, closed the door behind her, took shoe off to bang on door when she realised her mistake, hence the shoe off foot. fell asleep in her drunken state and died. Hotel begins cover for fear of being sued.

  7. ok, now that they ruled it as her own fault. She was drunk and stupid and no one else caused this. Why can’t the owners of the hotel sue her dumb ass mother for contamination. She fuck up all the food inside that freezer. That would shut her loud ass mother up..

  8. Look at the bright side. One less “Kaneeka” to spawn crack addicted poor little babies. On the dark side, the obese-angry so-called mother will demand, and get, a million dollars from the hotel. They have to do it for fear of being branded as racist.

  9. This is actually close to where I live! And I’m liking the theories here because my opinion is her drunk ass went into the walk in freezer with the munchies hoping to steal food and the door accidentally shutting behind her locking her inside where she stay unnoticed for 36 hours ending up freezing to death! And the photo of the thermostat could have been taken after the investigator had the door open for a little while allowing allot of that cold air to escape. It reminds me of a time when I worked the overnight shift at a large grocery store chain at the age of 16 and accidentally had the walk in freezer door close on me while I was moping and organizing the damn thing! And the genius who built the walk in freezer put no inside handle to let yourself out!! Nothing but a damn red button that didn’t even work and since it was 3am at the time there was only me and one cashier that couldn’t hear my banging and screaming trying to get help! Luckily for me there was one of those emergency axes hanging on the wall and I broke thru that safety glass it was being held in and chopped my way out after about 30 minutes of freezing to death! Moral of this story is those freezers can be very cold when your locked inside and death can creep up on you quicker then you would think and even more so if your not rescued or discovered until 36 hours later. Anyway I was 16 at the time and I’m 36 now and I will never forget that night!

  10. Lets be real

    The evidence is clear. As in so many cases, young black women are abused and murdered by whites who feel they are superior.

    The federal government needs to conduct a investigation.

    Justice for Kenneka!
    No Justice, No Peace.

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