Piece of Fingertip Sliced Off While Trying to Open HP Printer Cartridge

Piece of Fingertip Sliced Off While Trying to Open HP Printer Cartridge

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @princenen:

Nothing special story. It happened while opening dead HP printer cartridge to see what’s inside, and I guess HP don’t want that.

Knife hit the nail while I was forcing the cover to open and here it is. Well, in the end I saw what’s inside – couple of foam which contains color and nothing else.

Thanks for sharing the pics and the experience gutting an HP cartridge, @princenen:

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46 thoughts on “Piece of Fingertip Sliced Off While Trying to Open HP Printer Cartridge”

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    1. That would be a rare case. Most Jews get their help to install the cartridges. However, at that point, 100.00% would go through court with three appeals and the sitting in the ashes with unleavened bread and the three witnesses. Guarantee-fucking-teed, @SS!

    1. The two ink cartridges. The symbolism, the curse. Satisfy the typing urge and empty the cartridges and insert two more. Again and again, until the printer dies. Then an on-line printer purchasing ink-arnation while eating a sandwich at the laptop until finally the laptop passes into nirvana.

  1. @acneska
    I tried reaching you by replying to the threads you’ve created, but having a brand new account (been here since 2012, just never registered) , it didn’t let me.
    I just wanna say it’s really good to see you back. First off, I’m your huge fan. I love the way you’ve always worded your gore descriptions. The way you’ve gotten messages across through your impeccable vocabulary always moved me. I hadn’t seen you in over a year, and when I dropped by today and saw you’re back, I HAD to create an account to let you know you’ve been missed.

    Keep up the great work, girl.
    Love from the currynation <3

      1. Thanks.
        I am eagerly waiting for your thoughts on the Daniel Shaver’s murder footage released by the Police department recently. He was gunned down in Jan 2016 by a trigger-happy cop. I don’t have the full version, but here it is

        Even though I’m not American and police brutality of USA shouldn’t matter to me, but seeing innocent civilians wrongfully killed by the police of such a civilized and developed country boils my blood.

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