Pinkie vs 2008 Infinity

Pinkie vs 2008 Infinity

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Jamesie who sent me photos of what he called a “Pinkie Vs 2008 Infinity” incident. In his own words:

My father was hearing what appeared to be “worn bearing noise” coming from the front tire of his Infinity. So like every backyard mechanic would do, he went to investigate and troubleshoot where exactly the noise was coming from. He jacked up the car and started to spin the tire fast in an attempt to hear the noise. In a split second his finger got caught between the mag wheel and the break caliper. He heard a loud “SNAP”… It was the bone literately snapping in half. He says: “If it weren’t for his work glove. I’d lose the entire tip.”

Thanks a lot for the pics, Jamesie. Hope your father recovers well:

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61 thoughts on “Pinkie vs 2008 Infinity”

  1. A small reminder to leave this kind of work to the over-charging auto mechanics. It’s better to get screwed out of a few bucks than an appendage.

    I’m glad your pops didn’t get any more than what he got. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Well I’m happy to say amnyc…… the car pulled through, but it’s going to take years of counselling and many supreme fill ups to get it back to normal. Everything is going to be OK.

    1. Same with my index finger. The tip was cut off by an old-fashioned pull-out handle on a refrigerator when I was a toddler. The doc sewed it on twice, but it still came off. Now the tip looks like the front-end of a Volkswagen Beetle with the curved nail. Wish I had pics of it.

      1. The most accidents happen in the household, hehe.
        I´m still amazed, how well the nerves came together again, maybe because of the size of them as opposed to a medulla injury.
        Ah, as a toddler I broke my jaw whilst balancing on a wobbly stool to grab some sweets on the upmost kitchen cabinet and hitting hard the edge below. That was a good day to bribe the tooth fairy.

      1. @Brokes,

        I thought you meant by bbw as in Big black woman as in big momma’s house as in it’s been a while since you made a big momma smile.

        You must hate your cock by the way you subject it to so much punishment, oh well, I guess a cock well used is a cock abused.

        1. @Empty, I seem to always end up with either big, sharp toothed or crazy women…even got fooled by a tranny here and there but never will my cock ever and I mean EVER go near a big black woman!

          1. @J, you obviously do not know how painfull it is to have your manhood folded over. After that she was just a great big star among the rest of the stars in the room I was seeing.

      2. That’s gotta hurt! I still can’t figure out how you can bend or even break a cock. I know it happens but how, I’m obviously not big enough to injury my husband , or maybe his just as strong as an ox and stiff as a board!

  2. lol, I did the same thing years ago, but with a rear motorcycle wheel. It’s amazing how quickly and painlessly the end comes away. You only know what you have done when you see the end of your finger on the floor in a glove, or whatever. Nice pics! Always enjoy this kind of can-happen-to-anyone-at-home stuff as well as the gore ;>>

    1. Now that you mentioned motorcycles i must say that my friends father lost the tip of his pinkey when he was in a enduro race and his shift lever was stuck in some sort of branch. He tried to remove it while still riding and his pinkey got caught in the front sproke and went the whole revolution between the chain and the sproke. He still keeps the glove on the wall.

  3. the tip of my left index finger was cut off at work about a year and a half ago and it’s grown back completely, normal-looking nail and everything. probably because it just missed the tip of the bone. wish I had had the presence of mind to take pictures while waiting in the er. anyway, thanks for sharing, sir!

  4. wow, I’m a mechanic and I have done this exact same thing. I knew exactly what happened as soon as I read “worn bearing noise”. Mine was not as bad but it still left a nasty scar.

    By the way, a lot of mechanics charge a fair price. It’s funny that the customer always THINKS they are being ripped off when they don’t know shit about automobiles. So how do you know you’re being ripped off? Ignorant people make me sick.

    1. All mechanics get hurt now and then. Working around sharp and sometimes very hot metal parts all day every day makes it a hazardous job. I once had a red hot chunk of metal fall down my shirt and into my pants while torching off a muffler. I still have the burn on my dick to prove it.

      1. I actually put a water pump in a Taurus once without any help, with the exception of a repair manual.I was so damn proud of myself,considering I’ve never done anything like that before and it actually worked afterward with NO leaks!!!

  5. Once again another dad who thinks that every job that needs to be done is DYI, Same thing happened to my neighbor trying to fix something in his engine, during his daughter’s birthday party at that!

  6. For some reason (that makes no sense to me), pictures of finger injuries always make me squeamish! I can watch a beheading, look at pictures from road accidents, etc. and not be disturbed by them at all. But mangled digits make me squirm.

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