Playing Kids Pull Wall of Bricks on Themselves

Playing Kids Pull Wall of Bricks on Themselves

Playing Kids Pull Wall of Bricks on Themselves

CCTV video from what looks like China shows a pair of kids pull a not-so-Great-wall of bricks on themselves.

The kids are next to the wall with an older woman who is apparently looking after them. There is also a tire beside the wall, so they go to play with it, but the girl decides it’s a good idea to yank on a brick in the wall. Both kids get buries when the wall collapses, though the boy catches the worst of it.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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176 thoughts on “Playing Kids Pull Wall of Bricks on Themselves”

  1. I was in construction for years and i never trust builders, they’re a lazy bunch of retards and amateurs. Whoever stacked those bricks needs hanging.

    1. Well … I don’t know how many Chingies died while making the Great Wall .. but no-one ever minded a few more deceased Ching Chongs to make up the number!! ….. Fuck these slot-machine eyed cunts!!….

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      1. Yeah, you tell ’em! Fuck those chinese! Fuck that woman, fuck that girl, and fuck that boy too!
        Their only fault was being born into the shithole with nearly zero opportunities. And we don’t know if they ever did anything bad in their life, or hurt anyone. But what the fuck do we care, amirite? They are cockroaches and a waste of air. They should suffer, they should die, they do not deserve anything in this lite. Fuck them!

        … Am I reading you correctly, or I’ve missed some intricate thought in your comment because of my stupid ‘leftist’ brain?

        1. @ankun256

          Stop your peepsqueaks, you know most of us come here to have a laugh and be entertained at someone else’s expense/misery. If you haven’t found that out yet, you’re welcome. If you do know and still moan about these things…..

          i’d say, stop reading the comments, or at least, just dont moan. It will give you a more peaceful existence and state of mind.

          A win win.

          Oh and the kids in the video survived the ordeal:

          So its a win win win.

          (in your perception that is…. for me it’s a slight disappointment :-p )

          1. @terminator_g thanks for th eupdate
            See Andy, everything’s fine, the kids are okay and the dumb as fuck mother is fine, they just got a bit dusty so now you can sleep cos you showed us all what a bunch of heartless cunts we are
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        2. @ankun256
          There are many reasons why people can have racist
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          look or talk differently to us are an easy target. You
          can see it happening almost in every comment. I don’t hate racist people, they need help to come out from this mental trauma but nobody gives a shit about them.

          1. @goodfellas
            I always confront these “racial neutralists” with the following dilemma.

            You are starving, and far of in the distance you happen to come across the only store left that even sells food. The store owner says, well you are in luck, i have only 2 Apples left for sale. And 1 apple will cost you all the money you have left…

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            If we were eating rotten fruit since the dawn of mankind we still would be stacking brick walls without cement to this day!

            Am I reading you correctly, or I’ve missed some intricate thought in your comment because of my stupid ‘racial rightists’ brain?

          2. @terminator_g
            you don’t need to write an essay on apple as you made yourself clear with “racial neutralists”. I don’t give a fuck about racism, i just come here for fun, enjoy the gore, fucking around in my way and leave, no hard feelings 😉

      1. @mrblobby I’ll never forgive the chinks, a few years ago now i ordered a samsung DH900 because i loved that phone. I ordered it from ebay and it came from china, when it came it was a phone i’d never seen before, the cheapest piece of crap around, i couldn’t even use it because it said something about not over charging in case of explosion. bloody wankers

    2. Hey,Dude@Guest,They put the bricks here at random and didn’t let the builders do the processing.

      So it’s not the builders’ fault, even though they’re lazy

      It’s just the parents’ fault that they have no sense of safety and can’t protect their children

  2. another valuable lesson from BG. I know its common sense to stay away from dodgy looking piles of bricks but that pile looked pretty solid. Thanks to BG i hope some parent sees this and it sticks in the memory.
    Kudos BG for all you teach us.

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            It should still do a fine job in popping them kernels! 😀

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  3. Hmm now where would be a good place to chuck this ton of bricks… Aha! Behind a rickety wall with no cement! Yes, that’ll do nicely. No no, no need to stack them… Yeah just fling them in. Jobs a good’un

          1. bhahaha i’m creasing up here. Spot the dod, roger the dod….that’s why i always say stand by your typos

          1. @darkrose haha when you order a chinese take away do you always end up with what you ordered or something completely different and don’t say special flied lice. I want something new…
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      1. Neither.
        The text says that the mother first digs up the girl but quickly check that she is in perfect condition and then looks for the child while screaming for help. The boy has more bricks on top but he could also come out with only a few punches. Finally it was just a scare.

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