Policeman Instantly Killed by Gases from Leaking Ammonia Tank

Policeman Instantly Killed by Gases from Leaking Ammonia Tank

It is easy to say that dead heroes don’t save lives. It is without doubt true, but while some heroes are fabricated, there are others who want to help so badly, they fail to realize the danger to themselves and add to the casualties count. This was the case of the Illinois policeman from this video. The policeman made a fundamental mistake which cost him his life and it wasn’t a responsible gun owner who killed him.

The officer was responding to a two vehicle collision on a rural road in southern Illinois. What he didn’t know was that one of the vehicles carried ammonia in its tank. Ammonia is a widely used industrial chemical (fertilizer) which even though classified as toxic by inhalation, is fairly harmless if inhaled in low concentration because human body is equipped with natural processes which prevent its build-up in the bloodstream. In high concentrations, though ammonia can cause lung damage or death.

The officer who responded to the call came to the accident scene and saw a body collapsed on the road. Fumes rising from the overturned tank were very obvious, even in the video. The tank was also labelled to carry hazardous chemicals yet the officer was so focused on the person who appeared to be in immediate need of help, he disregarded the warning signs and stepped out of this vehicle to walk straight into the highly concentrated ammonia cloud.

The gas killed him almost instantly. He’s heard in the video which was recorded on the cruiser’s onboard camera coughing and choking and a few short seconds later, he was gone. It was a needless death which showed that becoming so concerned about somebody else’s life that you stop paying attention to things which could end your life is a surefire way to add to the body count.

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117 thoughts on “Policeman Instantly Killed by Gases from Leaking Ammonia Tank”

  1. He should’ve backed the fuck up before he got cat pee smelled the fuck up. Just goes to show that when you’re part of the sanity that holds this insane society together, you never know when the Reaper’ll come calling. Random shit. Rest in Peace, Officer.

          1. Seb: No homo in our fandom taken!

            MEATHOOK: Of course it must be clean! The girl HAS to wash up MINUTES before the licking action. Even the residue of a single fart would buzzkill me. I want her ass so clean that her butt cheeks squeak when she walks.

          2. Where the fuck is the PPE? this guy is a fucking idiot for even running in like that. it doesn’t take a genius to know not to run in a scene where a huge truck with a tanker is leaking an uncontrollable amount of ammonia in the area

    1. Exactly Vic..

      The smell of Ammonia from such a wreck would be pretty damn palpable down wind.

      The officer didn’t approach from down wind.. S maybe he was unaware as to the scale of Ammonia Concentrate he was exposing himself to?

      My guess was that he didn’t realize till it was too late.

      1. Yeah, you’re probably right. Which suddenly makes me wonder why all first responders cops/EMTs/whatever don’t all carry some kind of breathing device (like a gas mask, or even just some of those painter masks) for situations like this. Just in case the responder isn’t sure of what he’s getting into. So, maybe deaths like this have a better chance of being prevented.

        1. If emergency services were to carry them in their vehicles… It wouldn’t be a good idea.

          Truth is. Most Police and Paramedics wouldn’t recognise an NBC emergency if it slapped them in the face. And not forgetting a majority of Hazardous chemical agents are flavourless/ Colourless and can be absorbed through the skin…

          Not all respirators are useful against certain pathogens/ chemicals agents.

          It could also lull them into a false sense of security. They might run into a cloud of particularly nasty shit… And watch in horror as their skin melts off.

          1. Hey guys, I’m new here- and i’d figured I would offer some insight into why first responders don’t have any sort of special respirators on hand. Trooper72 is correct,it would offer a false sense of security. A first responder cannot gauge the severityof a HAZMAT situation. But I’ve enteredthe field of firefighting and we have always been trained to assumethe worst when dealing with HAZMAT and to never enter the scene if not properly equipped. It’s no use trying to save someone if you get your own dumb ass killed because you didn’t take precaution. Still, that officer died doing what he loved. Rest in peace.

          2. Haha… Vic you silly fellow!

            Naah.. We are all on a learning curve with valuable things to teach eachother.

            FishOvr… Excellent points. And welcome to BG! You have made an impression on me with your first post.

          3. @Trooper72….very informative. Thank you for your comments. We had a similar situation at my workplace. The company HAZMAT team fell short with PPE, It was a bad day at work for two individuals who thought they were protected.

      2. When a concentrated level of anhydrous ammonia is inhaled, it will burn the respiratory system quickly. The victim may hurt too much to breathe. The respiratory system essentially may be paralyzed due to the pain. First-response rescue workers may not be able to treat a serious inhalation exposure. Medical technicians may be able to administer oxygen to aid breathing after their arrival on the scene. Maintaining adequate respiration for the victim until delivery to a medical facility may be difficult.

      3. I’m not sure if i believe this video is real or not. I’ve worked with ammonia for years in refrigeration systems, and I’ve had my fair share of exposures to it. I can tell you that when he initially walks through that first cloud, he would have turned back immediately. That’s easily 10,000 ppm and for anybody to stay exposed in that kind of concentration for even a few seconds would have to have balls of steel.

    2. Illinois State Troopers confirmed that this was a HazMat training video. There was no officer killed in this situation. You can’t find ANYTHING on the web about it, and if it truly happened, it would be readily available. (All you find on the web is many instances of this video being posted, but no news stories about it whatsoever.)

  2. It’s nearly unfathomable that the officer couldn’t smell and taste the noxious gas from his cruiser. In crisis most fall back on training, and first and foremost is usually scene safety. RIP, though this one was preventable…

  3. I’m surprised that he even got that close to the scene…he’d’ve been virtually instantly blinded and most people would’ve fucked off at the stench.
    Ammonia is a total bitch.
    Props to the guy…a true…if misguided…hero.

  4. Some sad shit there. That so could have been prevented, but he chose to try to help that person in the middle of the road, wow. Sad. But FAST. When I die, that’s how fast I want it to be. 🙂

          1. WellLisa…

            I am British you know… I live in a castle, own several white horses and when I am not fighting the Frogs/ Hun/ Micks… I am rescuing damsels in distress.

            Consider yourself rescued. Haw haw haw.

  5. Extremely preventable death..too bad he didn’t get same info on the call like fire department did, notice when fire pulls up they are already wearing their SCBA’s. Their is an additive in Anhydrous that makes it smell like rotten eggs can’t believe he ignored that.. and runnin through that white cloud as he pulls up, ridiculous! He did EVERYTHING a 1st responder is taught NOT to do, must have been the adrenaline..

  6. Long time lurker – first comment – love the site.

    This is a training video. I have researched this and there is no record of this incident. You cannot get anywhere near ammonia like the officer did in the video; invisible? vapors would blind you way before you made it up to the visible stuff.

    1. Welcome to BG.

      I sincerely doubt it was Pure Ammonia… You would be right that it would blind you if it was.

      However, pure Ammonia is exceedingly dangerous to transport and handle, and has little agricultural applications.

      Usually the stuff is transported via Freight Train.

      The nasty shit here is almost certainly used as an Agricultural fertiliser.

    1. The way the gas started to pour out thick when the officer went to help the guy looked scary as hell. Th emoment the officer dies the gas fades away and doesn’t pour out again until more people arrive.


  7. whats fucked up is i can see my bf doing something like this. he is extremely smart, but he is so unbelievably caring and loving he would probably do the same and act before he would think. there is such thing as being too kind. I went to school with a coulp kids who pulled over on a highway to help a person haing car trouble. next thing they knew, they were hit and killed on the spot. Jesus, how fucked up is that..

  8. it’s sad when people who genuinely care about others die as a result of their kindness. listening to the mic cutting in and out was very somber for me…i kept hoping for his death to come quicker, so his body wouldn’t have to suffer any more than it already had. if only he had waited just a little longer before rushing in there :/

  9. His heart was in the right place but his lungs weren’t.
    I don’t use the term ‘sad’ all that much as this was still a preventable death, but the officer here was trying to save the first dead sap (who probably also succumb to fumes). A sad video.

      1. Precisely Hawk.

        The Emergency services are regularly shown particularly gruesome videos on Gore to demonstrate what would happen if you don’t follow protocol.

        I am positive this is how this video was leaked.

  10. I had to look this up in my Emergency Response Guidebook to see how far he should have been since he did not have a resperiator (a gas mask would not have been sufficient).. 100-200 ft depending on size of spill.. and when you see FD using hose even though there is no fire, its because their using water spray to reduce vapors or divert vapor cloud..

      1. you are thinking of an air purifying respirator.
        so no.
        he is talking about an air supplied respirator which uses a tank of compressed air or chemicals mixed in to an aqua lung.
        a gas mask is also an air purefying respirator so your question still remains, they are the same but they are not the same.
        depends which one you use.
        if you read it correctly.

        a gas mask

      2. @Trooper72

        I was talking air-supplied respirator or self contained breathing apparatus..compared to a gas mask which have the filter elements.. pretty much if you don’t have a tank on your back there is no way to safely work with this stuff

        1. I find that hard to believe.

          You don’t need SCBA to work with Ammonia.. Or any chemical agent that doesn’t displace oxygen.

          And the only reason why the firefighters were wearing it is because they use it normally in an environment where one would expect to be very close to fire.

          It is a very expensive piece of kit.

          Fire removes oxygen from an environment… So a filter would be useless.

  11. That poor guy didn’t know ammonia, he sure smelled it but he thought he’d stand it; I was working one sunday in an electrical panel and there was noone else in the facility, some dudes were draining refrigeration pipes to weld and didn’t know I was there, in the first sniff I rushed out to the closest exit, but that was towards the compressor and boiler area, then I felt a stronger concentration and instantly turned around to another exit… glad I did.

  12. If this was real it’s very sad. It’s easy to say it was a bad call on his part. Maybe he didn’t have proper training. Now i’m very curious if this really happened or if this was a training video or not and if he lived or died.

  13. he did not die quickly as some may suggest, he took his first agonising cough at 1.56 on the clock, he collapsed at 2.09, he breathed normally for a further 1 minute and 57 seconds until 4.06, he did not breath again until the death rattle breath at 4.31. so it took him from 1.56 until 4.31 to die, with which, my scientific calculator comes to, dum dee dum, dee dum dee dum, 2 minutes and 35 seconds of agonising death.
    we have terrible dreams when we are on our death bed, your body can still feel the pain but your brain tries to intermingle the pain with a pain in a nightmare to make it seem more unreal until you die.

  14. I can understand the officer wanting to help the person, but if he had waited just a few minutes longer he certainly would not be dead now. The other person had no chance, was dead by the time the officer got there. Wonder if they could have sent an imonia sniffing robot that could relay back to the officer that it wasn’t safe to get out of the car, and that the other person was dead.

    RIP to the officer, a misguided hero.

  15. Sad that the officer died trying to help a dead person. What a waste! Now his family and colleagues will mourn his death forever. His funeral must’ve been tormenting and very sad. He ignored his training on how to deal with hazardous chemicals when a tanker is involved in an accident. What was he thinking!?

  16. This happens more often than you might think. Lots of chemicals are traveling on US roads every day. All US police officers receive HAZMAT training since 911, but competence levels of most locals is fairly low. You can’t protect or serve anybody if you’re dead.

    1. It was in increments, there would be the wind blowing it around, so he might have walked in with it being blown the other way, and when he was really in it, by the other man, he must have had caught a huge swif of it/blowing in his face..

  17. The trooper didn’t even have a chance when he started coughing. So sad and tragic. He was overcome within seconds. Anyone of us on here would probably have made the same mistake. Never thought that 10 to 15 seconds and this chemical can drop a human. Never knew that it could kill you so quick ; ( I hope this video can educate others just as it it did me. Rest in peace Trooper 12-22.

  18. Damn that was fast…dumbass should of known better, there he is breathing in fumes of amonia coughing hid lungs out and doesn’t even try to hold his breath to keep from breathing that shit in, and on top of that he keep running right thru the cloud…what’s funny to me is I’m sure they did call him a hero and all he really did was die a stupid death by being stupid, I’m also sure they used this video and many other vids of dumbass cops dying dumb deaths as a way to try and educate all the other idiot “osifers” from making the same mistakes and show them they aren’t as smart and invincible as they think they are…tards in blue

  19. The timing of it all is just so perfect, that it looks like it’s from a cheap ass movie. He gets out and disappears into the cloud of fumes. It wavers and fluctuates when he checks out the body, then a huge cloud seems to swallow him and next it’s “poof” and he’s on the ground. As soon as he’s dead it clears up so we get a clear shot of the firetruck/ ambulance pulling up, then the fumes resume. It’s a little odd, to say the least.

  20. One of the first things I learned when training to be a lifeguard is BEFORE you help anyone you “check the scene for safety”. Training to be a lifeguard is a 6day course…they couldn’t teach a police officer that in their extensive training? Not to mention the giant container of god knows what with that corrosive sign on it. Cop was over eager and didn’t stop to think. How could he have not smelled it the instant he got out of his car?

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