Retro Video of Woman Getting Blasted When Bike Stuntman Triggers Pyro

Retro Video of Woman Getting Blasted When Bike Stuntman Triggers Pyro

Retro Video of Woman Getting Blasted When Bike Stuntman Triggers Pyro

No back story on this video, but it’s one of very old, retro classics that’s been around for at least two decades.

It shows a woman acting like the world revolves around her, but her pussy pass is denied when what looks like a bike stuntman comes through the trailer, triggering pyrotechnics.

Again, I have no idea what exactly is going on and how that all happened, but you can’t help but believe the woman was where she was not supposed to be, but her expectation of privilege was telling her she can be anywhere her ego desires, and the rest of the world needs to change its course to accommodate her.

The cameraman could have done a better job capturing the aftermath.

Props to Best Gore member @smileusb75 for the video:

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138 thoughts on “Retro Video of Woman Getting Blasted When Bike Stuntman Triggers Pyro”

    1. Fuck me i can remember watching this happen ! Its Anthea Turner , she used to do Good Morning Britain .
      What a sexy bitch , believe if or not she actually looks better today aged 60 , but as much as my little 12 year old willy used to twitch every time she came on the telly , i still pissed myself laughing when this happened

  1. I can see a blonde in my peripheral vision from a 100 yards

    I can see a blonde in a bright yellow jacket from 500 yards at night

    So my conclusion is biker man could see her perfectly well before nuttin her the fuck out of the way


    Mike Tyson: Rapist and sporting cheat
    Bill Cosby: Druggist and rapist
    MIchael Jackson: boy lovin’ pedo
    OJ Simpson: Cheater, armed robber, and double murderer (but who’s countin’ ?)
    Whitney Houston: Dyke and drug addict

    Geez, you black cunts sure run circles ’round us white cunts …
    Let’s all vote for Hillary ….

    1. Yeah. It happened back in 1989. it was broadcast live and everyone watching the programme, as many of us youngsters did back then, saw it happen.

      It was a children’s television type series that was on every Saturday for a while. During the summer holidays I think. It was shit but it filled in the time before the quite excellent 80’s cartoons we used to watch.

      Nobody liked Turner anyway so we had a good laugh about it for a while. Jenny Powell was the real reason people watched it I dare say. What a sexy bitch.

      1. I just had to google jenny powell to remember her chevvy chase. Now much as id like to bum fuck turner without a johnny id defo prefer a round of hide the sperm in the womb with J.P

  3. Not bad, but still i can’t wait to see all unofficial videos from china of people dying from corona virus, would love to see how they are going to try censore and hide this from everyone. Not that the chinees labolatory that studies viruses is near the town that started to get sick.Don’t mind that the virus was originally in bat,mutated,got transported somehow into snake,mutated again,got inside human and mutated again.A little suspicious but i think ThAt’S jUsT a CoNsPiRaCy ThEoRy.

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  5. Surprised you don’t have any back info, she’s done many an interview about this since. Her name is Anthea Turner and I think what happened was the obvious – she was meant to disembark from the truck before the bike rode out. I can’t remember if it came out too early or if she sat there too long but either way, it went tits up.

  6. I found this on Youtube:
    “it is from a live british tv show (for kids) in about 1988 or something – called up2u – her cue to start speaking somehow became confused with the cue for the motorbike and pyrotechnics to start – obviously she was supposed to speak a bit and then get clear first – she was ok though – but ironically now largely hated in britain after being labelled a `homewrecker’ when 1 man left his wife for her in about the year 2000.”

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