Roseville, Michigan Bowling Alley Employee Bamboozled by Gang of Unhappy Patrons

Roseville, Michigan Bowling Alley Employee Bamboozled by Gang of Unhappy Patrons

Roseville, Michigan Bowling Alley Employee Bamboozled by Gang of Unhappy Patrons

The violent assault of a bowling alley worker happened around 11:45 p.m. Wednesday at Apollo Lanes on Gratiot in Roseville, Michigan; is a part of the Metro Detroit area.

The employee asked the group to leave because they became unruly and then began creating a disturbance. When that happened, several members of the group surrounded the counter. While there, the first suspect reached out the counter and punched the employee, and the second suspect stepped behind the counter and began violent assaulting the employee with punches and kicks to the face and body.

First suspect walked behind the counter, picked up a barstool and threw it at the employee. He then picked up a bowling ball and smashed it on the back of the employee’s head. The employee fell to the ground and both suspects continued kicking the employee in the head before fleeing the location. The 28-year-old employee was taken to the hospital.

The first suspect and the second suspect are black males in their early 20s.

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    1. I really don’t want to make it about race. I’d be just as pissed if it was white kids but I’m just saying… my brothers ain’t doing themselves any favors with this bologna. Straight up gangster bullshit if I do say so myself. Al Sharpton would not be pleased.

      1. White kids don’t do this, it’s an everyday occurrence in black areas, either amongst themselves or in places like this.

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      1. I’m sure it was the bowling ally employees fault. The 1 person who employed,doing their job. Not just some savage mob of monkeys…I’m mean cmon that’s exactly what it and what happens. Their brains just turn primal in groups or tribes. Why do you thing it’s become racist to refer to any black person as monkey or ape? Look at Roseanne Barr….was dragged through Hell,stamped a racist,fired for making a Twitter joke while ripped outta skull on meds and beer…who’s a fuckin shitty comedian btw, and I never liked her. Funniest part is, joke she made was 110% true. A woman Valerie Jarrett did look just like Planet of Apes character. So she was punished for being honest and right?

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  3. Look, it’s obvious what happened, here, people: things got a little heated, words were exchanged, a little fisticuffs that would’ve just blown off steam on all sides… but then Baby Huey there’s plumber’s crack saw fluorescent daylight and suddenly these Down Low bruthas couldn’t hold back with their self-hating homo-cidal rage at the sight of that Welsh corgi love-hole of oozing cellulite bromance.

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