Russian Man Falls in Bitumen, Miraculously Survives

Russian Man Falls in Bitumen, Miraculously survives

Russian Man Falls in Bitumen, Miraculously survives

Best Gore member @sssupersuz says:

A Russian man fell into bitumen near the former asphalt plant in Pavlovsk, Voronezh Oblast, so he was completely black with a thick liquid.

The Russian man fell into the bitumen at the former asphalt plant in Pavlovsk, Voronezh Oblast, so he was completely black with a thick liquid.

A 32-year-old man whose name was not published walked in the territory of a former factory when he fell into the pit. When the failed to get out of the hole, he shouted for help.

Fortunately, there were people near who rushed to help. The man was helped out of the pit. From the picture taken by the ambulance workers, you can see how the man was completely covered with the poisonous liquid. In the picture, the man is lying on the grass before he was lifted into the ambulance.

The first picture shows the man after being brought to the hospital. Hospital staff used a razor to remove the black creature from the man’s body. It took several hours. The doctors say the man’s life is no longer in danger and he can walk.

The bitumen pond was emerged near factory after the factory stopped operating. Bitumen was left together with other chemicals on the factory site waiting to be cleaned up later. Local authorities promised to clean up the territory after the incident.

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    1. He really wanted to be black. The nurse still wants to sit her old cunt onto it in hopes of getting some of that reparations money. Soul man mentality- that fucker thought if he jumped into a tar pit he could go to Harvard free of charge.

  1. survive ?

    i doubt… unless he gonna live with an asphalt skin, this guy is doomed.

    (this shit is also extremly cancerous, my dad died because of this, soo i can certify how cancerous it is)

    1. also.. if i may ask..

      why the fuck is he naked when he fall on this ???

      if the asphalt is hot, then that dude would be dead and they are no way to clean him as the asphalt would litteraly mix with his skin.

        1. thanks , its ok, he loved his work and worked to the end, even if everybody asked him to stop working when he could barely breath. he was a real worker like we dont find much today. he left 11 years ago, time fly very fast.

          yeah, he look like his panty get pulled down to his feets. wich can be okay if (let’s pretend), the asphalt was too heavy and when they pull him out, his pant get down.
          but theyare seriously no way his pant AND his panty went down during the process :/>

    2. depends on whether it is natural bitumen pool or artificial petroleum residues.
      natural petroleum sweep is ambient temperature. artificial one are traditionally heated to melt, but nowadays they are sometimes dissolved into organic solvents. so even the artificial one might be survivable.
      to remove bitumen on skin, dissolve/soften them with organic solvent.

      1. under condition its not hot and they did it before the asphalt wasnt dry enougth … overwise, good luck lol

        as its russian, i bet they use old type, and not the recent one thas is similar to plastic. the old one tend to dry as hard as rock.

      1. oh come on… i m defending any side , but clearly america didnt look as shit as russia…

        i mean, how many peoples in america live in thousands miles away from civilization and use hand crafted tractor builded with moped engine to pass through nuked road full of craters that can give shame to the moon ?

        at least, america try to hide their shit. instead of russia .

        when i land to russia on vacation, i ended in an imigration hotel for the transfert time (i land there but planned to japan…. surprising, the freaking Aerosoft airplane have an engine that started a fire so we land on russia)
        the time to go to this hotel (like 500m from the airport) , we pass 3 military checkpoints with soldiers, aka and tank .. fucking tank.. wtf ? lol
        hotel was a prison, we were 2 by room and they where 1 bodybuilder fucking KGB agent in front of each hotel room, no way to go outside of the room. that was for 1 day only…. but jesus fuck i wont return to russia ever in my entire life.
        also peoples where soo cold… not a single smile, nothing… just straigth Putin dead stare all long…

        (worst moment was in the hotel, in way to the rooms , when we go to the elevator at 17 peoples with the company of 7 great 500pounds bodybuilded agents…. everybody was scared that the fucking elevator will break XD )

  2. When I worked on an asphalt plant I used to have a strong fear of this happening thag kept me from trucks with bitumen in them. Now I know that I wouldn’t necessarily die, just get made fun of on the internet.
    So really, nothing new

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