Shredded Human Remains Extracted from Tractor in India

Shredded Human Remains Extracted from Tractor in India

Shredded Human Remains Extracted from Tractor in India

This incident happened in Radhanagri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. According to the limited backinfo, the man was working a field when he got caught in the gears of the tractor and it chewed him up.

The video shows people extracting his mangled, shredded corpse from the farm machine. It ripped him to pieces.

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  2. In India,,, they also use Tractors as meat tenderizers, but they only do so on the night shift. And this poor guy was replacing a night shift dude that suddenly fell ill. So the confusion led to this mishap. 🙁

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  4. That’s why you must never become complacent around deadly machinery. I worked in the oilfield for 5 years cementing. Basically we were rig hands/rough necks, and we worked around all kinds of dangerous machinery. The fear of having something like this happen to me kept me on my toes. Extra loose clothing and long hair is also not a good thing in this types of environments.

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