Taekwondo Fighter Takes Out Jewelry Store Robber with Head Kick

Taekwondo Fighter Takes Out Jewelry Store Robber with Head Kick

Young robber entered a jewelry store in Chelyabinsk, Russia, placed a bag on the counter, and while holding his hand under his hoodie to make an impression that he has a weapon, demanded the goods. Then out of the blue, a powerful blow to the back of his head knocked him the fuck out, and turned him into a convulsing slob on the floor.

Turns out, the customer who neutralized the would be robber is one Ilya Batrakov – a member of the Russian National Taekwondo Team. As an experienced athlete, Ilya Batrakov holds several gold medals from Taekwondo competitions and championships in Russia, and also one from an international “A” class tournament.

After knocking the robber out, the fighter saved his life by turning the convulsing body on the side, and clearing his breathing pathways.

Props to Best Gore member SrbijaBgd for the video:

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    1. ..no one knows? I kind of miss the exchange of information/knowledge on all kinds of subjects, as used to take place. Still, some comments make for a good laugh, but imo it’d be interesting if people started sharing more of their knowledge about subjects again as well.

  1. Damn! Talk about the robber being in the wrong place!
    Amazing kick, but certainly hit a nerve and will have one hell of a headache,,
    Bet he will not be wearing a hoodie again,, couldn’t see what was coming,,
    And the assistant, looked like she was having her own seizure too,
    The kicker deserves another medal!

  2. That wasn’t very smart if you ask,having a career like that you can’t play the hero and almost kill someone with a kick it wasn’t necessary he could put him down without causing brain damage but who cares it was hilarious how he twitched 😆

        1. Eh you risk your freedom everytime you leave the house…sometimes you gotta make the first hit count he had his arm in his hoodie like he was going to pull a gun…so the other guy stepped back looked at thw situation and gave a great counter action that shut down any form of threat that guy had…then he proceeded to help him out will others just watched.. …the guy probably got sued and if it is anything like the usa he will win and get millions for being a lame lazy robber fml….

  3. I bet he won’t do that again…or atleast he won’t let noone stand behind him….dude knocked him out then saved his life ha if that doesn’t change you as a person then you are worthless….great stroy to tell kids how you use to be a robber but with one kick my life changed forever!

        1. I swear I thought he was black…my bad…I honestly don’t care what your race or religion or even gender is…if you rob a store it is breaking the effing law and you reep what you sow….therefore he got a swift kick to the head. End of story….white people that steal and riot etc are no better than the black people who do it….media just loves to throw race in our face!!

        2. Not exactly but it’s well known that niggerrs tend to be more violent and less compassive I’m pretty sure he would have killed everyone (if had a gun) in an instant just for a few bucks :p

        3. Dang Honkies can’t take those Crackas nowhere in public cause they rob them there jewelry stores and gets kicked inthe noggin mmaking us other civilized white folk look bad on that square box with the buttons that spews out lies….it’s a conspiracy I tell ya. Ain’t nobody safe with all the crackas running around rioting!!! Usa usa usa. ….

          There you happy now? 😉

  4. I have no compassion for criminals. You get hurt during the commission of a crime that’s your fault. In the FUCKING LIBERAL STATE OF MARYLAND, if a criminal breaks into your house through a window and cuts himself, he can sue the fuck out of the owner and win.

  5. I have no compassion for criminals. If they get hurt during the commission of a crime that’s their problem. Unfortunately in the great liberal state of Maryland, if someone breaks into your house and cuts themselves on the window, the Kriminal can sue the owner and win.

    1. What is this thing you have for the word ?democracy?? Do you even know what it means and what its etymological origin is? How about the semantics, then? And the meaning of it in today’s world? I didn’t think so either, wanker.

  6. That was just beautiful! My technique is a bit more peculiar ? if you will ? but when he gets my steel-cap to this chin with all the energy behind the kick from my body (6’3″; 240 lbs), he’s not going to wake up again ? ever.

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