Terrorist Steps on an IED – First Person View

Terrorist Steps on an IED - First Person View

While on their mission to protect the hegemonic interests of bankers on whose behalf they kill, maim, rape and instill fear in the hearts of defenseless civilians, a group of terrorists captured interesting images when one of them stepped on an IED. Helmet cam worn by a terrorist caught in the blast offers a candid first person view of the experience.

Person who triggered the bomb died in the blast – he was an interpreter. The other terrorist survived. It was but a minor dent on the machine that propels the $63 Billion a year heroin trade the terrorists stationed in Afghanistan protect.

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    1. he got hurt while in the process of hunting for real terrorists in a shithole country! The fact that he is still able to talk gives some hope that he might still be able to kill some wild eyed crazed third world shit bag that will make one less loser to attack any other country whether it is France England or America, and maybe save the life of some innocent woman that is treated like shit and may actually be beheaded because she didn’t lick the dick cheese leftover from him ass fucking a 10 year old boy (Fiki, fiki). He is still alive to maybe blow out the back of some MUJ skull…..BONUS!! Allhava Snackbar

  1. I guarantee that if my country was invaded, if my fellow Portuguese people were being killed, illegally detained, tortured, having their homes blown to pieces by drones or tanks, I too would become a so called “terrorist”.

    I guess this is something a lot of Americans can’t seem to understand. Apathy and blind complacency won’t just perpetuate these wars, but it’ll eventually be your own downfall as well. All empires eventually fall, and greed is the main precursor.

    1. I’m prior millibar and there is something you have to understand. I joined because our economy was in the shitter and really had no place else to go for a steady income. By no means do agree with the reasons we invaded the Middle East, but you have to realize most of our guys over there would much rather be home. If anything be pissed with our government, the troops did not put a random pin on a map and say let’s go here next.

      1. That is a poor excuse, man. Do you think you are the only one affected by tough economy? I struggle too, can’t make ends meet, yet I’d rather stay poor, than kill innocent people to become rich. It was yours and your choice only to do it. You had a choice to battle through life without making profit by ruining other people’s lives, but you chose to be a monster in exchange for an easy buck.

        1. I was a helicopter mechanic so I personally was lucky enough to not have to take someone’s life. Also we made next to nothing when I was in. I got to help a lot of third world countries while deployed to the South China Sea. Regardless all I’m saying is that I understand the rest of the world point of view on the entire “war”, if you want to call it that, but not all American(and allied forces) troops are cold blooded killers. It’s time we get the fuck out of there and help them rebuild though. It’s getting ridiculous.

          1. Helping them rebuild, after you guys destroyed two entire countries. Marvelous.

            Let me tell you something. I had an uncle who went to prison because he refused to go to war during the Colonial war in Africa. He refused, despite being poor, to go to another country to kill people. At that time we had conscription, so military service was mandatory. But was he afraid of prison? No. And for that he has my respect.

            No one is a coward for refusing/avoiding military service, if any, that person is a hero. One does not serve his/her country that way. The only thing soldiers are is canon meat and a way to generate more profit for the war machine.

            “Military men are stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy”.
            Nobel “Peace?” Prize laureate, Henry Kissinger

          2. I believe more Americans need to realize that it is very anti American to keep the troops in Afghanistan, or any other country for that matter. It is a disservice to your loved ones to funnel money that could be used to make their lives better, to make the hegemony of the Zionists greater.

            Your sister, your mother, your friends – none benefit from the troops being in Afghanistan. They only lose as a result of it. Israel benefits, but what good is it to you in America? Israel is not an ally.

            There is a strong Jewish media brainwash that makes the public think soldiers protect their freedom and democracy, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Jewish media perpetuates this bullshit because it’s beneficial for the Jews, but it comes at an expense of ordinary Americans. Countering this brainwash by calling things what they are is the way to really serve the Americans, because this is in their best interests, not Israel’s.

          3. @ P. Dude

            The reason why America rebuilds the countries we destroy is because of WWI. We left it to Germany to rebuild itself after that war and because that all but destroyed the German economy, Hitler rose to power from it. So, after WWII, America decided to no longer destroy and leave as to not have another Hitler rise to power.

            Or so they say! LOL

          4. fuck other countries. worry about YOUR country. there’s more than enough of your own people that need you. America would benefit from some hard-core xenophobia. unfortunately its not allowed right now……..please sir, i’d like some more.

      2. I agree when I enlisted to the marine corps back in 2000 just like the rest of us, was not expecting a war. Keep in mind that there are alot of men and women enlist just to kill legally, there is alot more that join either for school or a steady job. Unlike my M.O.S. 0321. Recon in laymens, didnt get that chance. So give some benefit of a doubt next time you decide to judge all military personell.

    2. Lets not blamel every American for the crimes our leaders have commited. I think American’s were fool’d long enough, and we are waking up. Just because you have leaders who support the murder of thousands of lifes, for oil… Doesn’t mean that the people think the same aswell.

      1. The vast majority of people share some of the guilt for their passiveness.

        “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness.
        Every citizen is responsible for every act of his government.

        There is only one sovereign remedy, namely, nonviolent non-cooperation. Whether we advertise the fact or not, the moment we cease to support the government it dies a natural death.”

        Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

      2. I know that posts like this may come across anti American, but they are actually more pro American than any other.

        The USA is not the only country that’s a victim to their leaders acting at the bidding of dual citizens loyal to Israel. But the USA is the mightiest so it sees more intense indoctrination that any other. Americans, however have more solid history of overcoming oppression than other countries and it is for that reason that the powers that be fear the Americans more than anyone else. The Americans are a sleeping giant that they don’t want to awaken, but he is awakening nonetheless. When the Americans took to the streets and put a stop on a pretty much solid attack on Syria – that was the demonstration of power that the Americans possess.

        And this power will grow ever stronger as more and more Americans awaken. Trust me – we non Americans may come across as anti American, but we’re just as you implied, only anti American government. We believe in our American friends and trust in their strength which is bound to show its true might anytime soon. And no, I’m not being sarcastic, nor am I ass kissing.

        1. the Americans have the advantage of bragging about enlisting to serve or joining to get better education or for a job. A lot of countries have mandatory two year military service at the age of eighteen. it makes it hard to be a braggart about what a hero and hard ass you are when every man in your country has done the same.

        2. Totally agree Acneska . The American people have been lulled into monetary enslavement as have we Europeans . The fact that many Americans stood up and acknowledged that the Syrian “Proxy War ” was not a noble cause, is a real indication that many are awakening to the true zio agenda . Long may this continue . In the Republic of Ireland as has been highlighted previously on BG , the country went bust and the unscrupulous bankers will be held accountable . I believe this is the best thing that could have happened for them as a nation in the long run . In a way , I wish the same would happen here in the UK .

  2. If you call united states marines “terrorist” wtf do you call your shitty country men who serve? angels?? if you wanted a negative reaction from me you got it but here on this end of the keyboard, I’m not mad as you. But I can say one thing, when your country continues to get overrun by the muslims and chaos and you want help? YOU BETTER NOT ASK FOR OURS.

    1. Asking terrorists for help? No, thank you!

      If it wasn’t for the likes of you, Muslims wouldn’t be the problem they are. Your actions solidify the Zionists’ control and in return, they are free to “divide and conquer’ by flooding western countries with Muslims. Do you really not see that while the Zionists are the root of the problem, the likes of you are its conductor that perpetuate it?

      BTW – men who serve? Street sweeper is a man who serves. Burger flipper is a man who serves. Terrorist is a man who destroys. There is no service in perpetuating tensions and conflict so Zionists can have their way.

    2. Terrorist = someone who inflicts terror/destruction.
      The US military falls under that category.

      I don’t doubt there are good men and women there who have the best of intentions in mind, but they were fooled non the less. They were lied to and their “service” is not to you, but to a select few at the top that profit from the destruction of other nations and people’s lives, US soldiers’s included.

      Not ask for your help? Oh bloody hell, that is comical lol I want the US military out of my country. Signed petitions regarding that, but do our US-boot licking politicians care? Of course not. There are other intere$t$ that are more important.
      The US military has a presence in over 800 bases in 100 countries, it constantly promotes regime change when those in power don’t bend down enough, it promotes wars in order to sell arms, tanks, ships and airplanes. Your country provokes other nations, imposes sanctions that only end up affecting indigenous populations. Mate, wake up yeah? Put that “pride” and nationalism aside and look at the bigger picture. Your country is inflicting a lot of damage in the world, and people are realizing that and acting against it.

      1. But there is/was a coalition of every modern country involved as well. Sure, Bush lied and started it, but every major civilized country had troops sent.

        Why the focus on only America? Canada, Europe, Australia, etc., to name a few, all killed people over there.

        Why is no one calling them terrorists as well for joining the party America Started?

        1. I do but the US sent well over 1 million soldiers in total to Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade while the UK sent less than 50 thousand. My country sent 100 lol.
          The discrepancy is huge mate. Maybe that is the reason of the focus on the US.

          Also, the world now knows the human violations Israel commits, and guess who it’s main supporter and ally is…

          Its a bit like the Mafia. Sure, the capos (captains) are guilty as well, but who shares most of the guilt? Who pulls the strings? Well the Don/boss (Israel) and it’s consiglieri/underboss (USA) of course. The rest (all other countries that participated in the war) just follows orders afraid of any repercussions if they refuse. Its not like the US takes a no for an answer.

          There is a correlation between all these consequences. People need to realize this.

          1. Fair enough! Yeah, Israel is a joke and one of the largest strains on taxpayers. To the toon of I think 64 billion a year from US taxpayers.

            So while my car turns to shit from crappy ass roads, our bridges are closing one by one, our education is shit now, we help those assholes which are more than capable of defending themselves; and if not, fuck em.

        2. I’d like to add: I do not support either war, nor do I think we need troops and bases everywhere. It’s a strain on taxpayers and while Americas infastruture crumbles, we are building shit countries roads, schools and bridges.

          Me personally, I’m tired of living in a Worlds Police country. We need to mind our own borders. And keep an watchful eye on those that could potentially cause harm. Which can be done from afar and allies.

          1. That is the way all Americans should think, but sadly a lot think like this “we need to be over there to protect our freedoms over here”.

            They clearly have some brain disorder, the result of decades of indoctrination and poisoning with fast-food.

            Have you ever heard of the “blowback” effect? I suggest you look that up. The CIA invented that term after noticing a strange connection between action/consequence.

      1. Evilbadguy//

        I can understand you being offended by people on here calling soliders terrorists and it’s hit a nerve. But what you’ve got to understand is that all soldiers no matter what there reasons for joining military service are, they have opted into an organisation where terrorism is committed on behalf of the government in order to fuel there greed and hunger for world domination. Money, power etc. Either that or they have been duped into thinking that there fighting for a non existent cause. You need to open your eyes! It’s gonna hurt when you realise that all these young people dying is a complete waste. No one wants to be told that their son or daughter died in vain so they decorate them to be heroes when really they were just casualties of a world that fucked them over for another persons hidden agenda. It’s sad but true and if you can’t accept that then keep your eyes firmly closed like they already are…..

        1. And let’s not foget the glorification of violence. Hailing murderers as heroes and going to war to kill innocent people who never harmed you as some noble cause is the pinacle of brainwash. Instead of being condemned, violence is glorified, encouraged and rewarded. The more violent the offender, the more praise he/she receives. This type of thinking is what keeps us in the state of perpetual war in which there is no victory for the common folk for we are all victims.

  3. I won’t get into the military debate on this site, but I need to remind once more: Many of the “terrorists” (as some of you call them), were 17-years-old kids being lied to by parents, recruiters and schools. Once they learned the hard way, there was no way out for them. At that point, they were and are stuck.

    Sure many joined wanting to go kill people. Many others wanted a job and were lied to. Blame parents, schools and bullshitting recruiters here as well.

    1. I blame society for it’s apathy and judgments.

      How many times have we heard that those who refuse to join the military are sissies/gay/cowards? Society tries to implement the notion that it’s almost a duty to serve in the military, and so many young men feel obliged to that.

      Not to mention war video-games like Call of Duty, Battlefield which further even more the desirability to join the military, since they apparently make war seem cool.

      Unfortunately they will only find out that war is not a video game when they see that killing someone in real life is rather different from killing a video game fictional character. They will only realize how horrible, destructive and senseless war is when they see their friends die, and most of all, when they see the pain and destruction they are causing, merely to profit a few fat cocksuckers in government and corporations that benefit from war.

      They will only realize that they should have never enlisted when they lose limbs, when they get PTSD, when they go home with severe wounds that debilitate them. When they feel tempted to commit suicide (and a lot do) after witnessing and being a part of the horrors of war.

      1. There’s a new commercial running the States for one of the branches, I think Army.

        Anyway, the drill instructor is all up in the dudes face saying (para-phrasing here): “So you joined up to be an artist! That’s wonderful!”

        They make it seem like A), the drill instructors are you’re best friends, and B), it’s all about YOU!

        That’s a good example of the bullshit society plays to get young people to join, just to fuck em over after boot camp.

      2. I agree with you PD! I wish the military would go on strike and stand with the people so we can stop being ruled by the 1%. If they don’t stand with us they will be killing us instead when we do.

      1. Karmen I don’t need to fool any of you. You’re simply wasting this earth’s oxygen. Why don’t you do us all a favor.

        1. Give a friend your phone.

        2. Have said friend record you running towards an oncoming train.

        3. Tackle the train.

        4. Pray your friend is smart enough to submit the video here.

  4. Seems to me that a little paranoia would he helpful in places like these. Rather than finding out with your body that there’s a hidden bomb, let paranoia take the reigns and throw a few rocks or use a real long metal pole or some shit to disturb the rocks and any bombs in that corridor. I would imagine this is more painful than being shot, and the disorientation and shock must suck major balls.

  5. That sucks. I feel for any American soldier who gets fucked up like this, but hey, they knew the risks when they enlisted. I just can’t help but wonder if they feel like their service to our country was worth it when this happens to them. For a war like the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq. What was it all for? Was their life and limb worth it? I wonder if they seriously answer those questions with a resounding “Hell no.”

    1. There’s a lot, dude. It takes a strong mind for that life. These kids are taught to kill without emotion and then they have to go home and be normal again. A whole fucking lot can’t handle it. Thats why they come back all bitter and fucking violent.

  6. Enough of the war crap, everyone is wrong, eventually we’ll be wiped out and a new species…..I’m getting off topic, did anyone see his hand cripple and his breathing turn shallow? No matter the reason, it was awesome! Who died, dude was talking?

  7. So …. I joined the Royal Marines at 17, served in Afghan, got shot at, shot back, killed some guy with an AK …. I didn’t do to him what he wasn’t going to do to me. I came home, I buried a friend, I left the Marines. My life story as now I know I’ve killed one person, a dad, a son, like me … So, here I am, constantly thinking about it …. But …. It was my choice to go, no one forced me, who are any of you to call me a terrorist? Have any of you seen a friend killed, have any of you heard the sound of a bullet as it passes your head? It’s easy to judge and condemn the dead, walk a mile his shoes.

    1. I only killed 1 man blah blah blah. Eternatly pains of hell blah blah blah, im so tomented after murdering for the governemtn. Sorry, Vietnam Vets went out of vogue when the draft ended. the difference between WW2 war stories and modern ward stories is the troops didnt have a choice. They didnt sign up to kill other people for personal gain and profit.

  8. This war might be unnecessary but one day we’re gonna need these fuckers. lest you got some other more fucked up country taking over who won’t be kind to the U.S.A.

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