Thai Construction Worker Crushed by Huge Block of Concrete

Thai Construction Worker Crushed by Huge Block of Concrete

Thai construction worker was completely crushed by a huge concrete slab on a site that looks anything but safe. Lots of random stuff piled up all over the ground and questionable handling of massive concrete blocks are an invitation for a human pancake adventure.

Is it me or does this look like an abandoned construction site and the man’s been under that slab for a while?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Thai Construction Worker Crushed by Huge Block of Concrete”

          1. SnapSpine has skill.

            Love his honesty.

            I have always tried to maintain to the ‘treat a whore like a princess and a princess like a whore’ school of thought.

            But I end up treating all ladies like princesses.

            I am too soft with them.

      1. Thanks Brokeback, I think. Which part don’t you understand? I thought tetris because of so many rectangular shapes on top of each other and “where’s wally” (or waldo if you’re from the US) because I couldn’t work out where the fuck the pancake man was. πŸ™‚

    1. Tetris… I can totally see that! I used to be so good at that game back when I was in college circa ’91. Very “Where’s Wally’ish” with the blue pants blending into the blue tarpaulin. No backpack or tuque on his corpse though.

    2. The first thing that come to my mind was this is no where near as squishy as that FV under the shipping container or the one that was run over by that huge digger or that dude getting his melon squished ( popped ) by a truck which knocked him off his bike or the…………

      Yeah yeah righto, my ears are on fire ha

  1. It wouldn’t have taken long for any construction worker to fall victim to this deathtrap, shows how much they care about their workers over there. Looks like even the slightest misstep could have created a chain reaction.

  2. Construction became destruction… AHHH!!! The walls of reality are collapsing around me!!! No, wait! There’s a linchpin to put in this space-time continuum paradox… It happened in Thailand (I almost wrote that out as “Thai Land” like it’s a fuckin’ amusement park… Anyway…) so we’re okay. If this had happened anywhere else, we’d all be in Dimension X by now…

  3. About Mark’s question as to how a large slab of concrete could just fall like that…I asked myself the same question about the 700lb truck transmission that fell off the jack crushing my spine.
    I guess accidents will still happen reguardless what country you’re in.

    1. ouch brokeback!!! I can feel your pain – i fell years ago and burst a disc in my back…that surgery has to be amongst the most painful to recover from – and you are always broken thereafter…i say BAH to spines!!

          1. its finally something extra like if some one painted him n smearedhi head making it look wider. kinda looks like there’s just some one behind him so it looks like his head its coming out of that guts head. tripping me out still.

  4. looks like they are tering down an over pass by ,the rebar is all rusted and the color of the concrete with the stress cracks in it,or he could of been one of then thai transtesticals and got flattened by a pissed off co-worker…(was going to say tramp stamped)…

  5. Block of comcreat faling down faling down faling down. Block of comcreat faling down my fair thi man. Sorry i just could not rezist. Now back to the how it fell they must have used suport wire made in china in my minde

  6. Shit! I just realised that my 15yr old son checks out this site with his friends sometimes. How can I delete everything I’ve said here since I became a member?
    Imagine he’s at a friend’s house with a few close friends and they come across one of my posts, or worse, a bunch of my posts…OMG, what have I done?

    1. I guess I can start by changing my avatar. I’m thinking I might be too late though, he’s been giving me wierd looks lately.
      OMG, what if he and his friends saw my posts from last night…what if he saw them while at school with his classmates?…his teacher?…his PRINCIPAL?!!!

          1. Ohhh shit, the guys I worked with at the garage!!!
            I may as well do as that Chinese girl did and jump off the roof of my building…oh God nooooo…MOM!!!

        1. Don’t worry about matey.

          I guess we all take a bit of a risk frequenting this site.

          Mark has mentioned before that we have all most likely been identified by various government agencies as being ‘usurpers’.

          A lot of us have sensitive jobs which could be jeopardised should the wrong people get a hold of us.

          I regret about 1/4 of the shit I post within a second of posting it.

          But then I say. “I am already half way to china… So I may as well keep digging”

  7. What I did’nt mention is that he stayed home from school today because he said that he felt sick…what if I am the talk of the school? I may have just ruined his life.
    Btw have you seen today’s naked chick? I’d fuck her sideways.

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