Thai Man Obliterated by Heavy Machinery

Thai Man Obliterated by Heavy Machinery

Brutal, brutal, brutal. A Thai man was literally ripped to pieces by having a heavy piece of machinery either fall onto him or roll over him. Look at that mass obliteration; bits and pieces of something once human spread all over the area and a headless torso, torn and crushed serves as the Pièce de résistance.

I wonder if he had time to see his death coming or if it actually happened so fast that he was dead before he could hear his buddy shout, “oh shit!”.

Mad props to Best Gore member, DaSilvaFlipFlops, for the hookup.

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  1. I’m trying to wrap my mind around how the fuck this even happend. Just looking at this mess of meat, I believe the fucker decided to deep throat a grenade while violating his anus with an IED. Any other theories out there?

          1. You want to touch me in the anus? That’s weird. It’s also weird that @MB wants @MW to post a picture of his cock, I think I know who took that picture now. Do your thing guys, no judgements here.

          2. @LF Definitely a little of both. Don’t tell anyone though.

            @amnyc I thought i was the only one thinking that was a little weird. That’s it though.. if he puts up a dick pic, I’m putting up a boob one.

          3. @YNEG, if someone puts up a cock shot and it’s hard, I think us BG chicks should all put up open leg shots? Why not they can’t see our faces! I’m just kidding btw, but I’ve seen pussy user pics before. 😉

          4. I didn’t know that @tas. I’m not sure if that makes it more weird or less weird though. Anyways, I was just having a bit of fun which we used to do with each other back in the day, wasn’t trying to be a troublemaker and hijack a post.

  2. Looks like it ran over the parts of him that got severed and somepart of him got caught on something and the rest was pulled out of his skin lol that’s what it honestly looks like to me this poor bastard killed two ways at once.

      1. Thanks @tas tiger, i am daily visitor from 6 months, but seldome to post comment, a week ago my cousin brother and his wife got in accident with a truck, his wife got run over by truck on both legs and doctor had to cut both legs below knee, and sad matter was they both was already handicapped (polio), my view of bg is changed alot, wish all victim of accidents will get better life and faster recovery when possible, thanks again

  3. If anyone finds a link of that machine in action doing whatever it was intended to do, post a link. I have no idea what in the world it did. Obviously there must have been some spinning gears that he must have be run through to be dismembered like that. Bodies don’t explode and pieces strewn about like that from getting crushed. Almost looks like he fell into a wood chopper but you end up being liquefied so the gears and belts possibly must have been huge!

  4. Makes me think of all the poor animals smashed and crushed, blown up and popped by all the traffic. I mean if you Can avoid them safely, well i do. Many enjoy smooshing animals all over. this is grusome, in a good way, of course.

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