Thai Military Parajumper Gets Tangled to the Plane, Dies After Fall

Thai Military Parajumper Gets Tangled to the Plane, Dies After Fall

During a military paratrooper training in Thailand, a Thai jumper got tangled to the plane, dangled for several minutes before his line was cut and then he fell to his death.

I’m not a parajumper, but from what I could find out, it is a standard military procedure to attempt to recover a hung jumper. The small plane in this video probably didn’t have a winch system and pulling him in manually would have been incredibly difficult. Since he couldn’t be recovered, the pilot should have gained altitude so the jumper could be cut away with enough height to activate his reserve chute.

Apparently, it’s easy to activate the reserve, and the ones used by a military are equipped with an altitude timer in case the jumper is unconscious. Everything seems to have gone bad for this poor guy. He was dragged behind the plane for quite a long time – that itself must have worn him out. Being blown around and beaten by 150 mph wind surely took its toll on the man, but why his reserve was not deployed – I have no idea.

I also learned that the reason he was holding onto his helmet was to signal the mates on the plane that he was conscious so they cut him loose. As a non expert, I think the pilot should have either gained more altitude to give the jumper more time to recover, or lower the plane to say 20 feet over the ground, slow down, then cut him. It may have increased his odds of surviving the fall, despite some unavoidable fractures.

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    1. They were only doing what they are trained to do in this situation, what happened is called a staicline hang up. As you can see from the video the guy puts his hands on his head this is to indicate to the jumpmaster he’s ok and that his hands are free from being tangled. I was trained the same way, then they show him the knife and cut him free it is then up to the jumper to carry out his reserve drills. there are other ways to do this if you look on youtube there is a vid of a british jumper in a worse situation with his hands and reserve tangled up, in that case they managed to attach another parachute to the staticline before it was cut…

  1. Holy shit ballz!!!! What a horrific situation to find yourself in. I wonder if he knew whether or not they were going to cut him loose like that or if instead he was just cut loose out of no where? That’s some terrifying shit. I don’t know about him but personally, I’d have a heart attack killing myself either while I was caught or immediately after they cut me loose. If that’s not the case with him and he was alive during the entire fall, I cannot even imagine what thoughts flooded through his find during his final moments as he fell through the sky. Shit, I even wonder what he was thinking to himself and he lay dangling from the plane. This is definitely one of the more mentally torturous ways to leave earth

      1. Well yea I could never picture myself being apart of the military either but on the other hand, I think it would be bad ass to do something like this before I die! I don’t think I could ever muster up enough courage to actually do it though… my fear of heights is way too intense. Who knows though! Maybe when I’m an old lady I won’t give a fuck anymore abut that sorta’ shit

    1. ever stick your hand out of a fast moving car window ..well that very type of pressure impact at high velocity is what hurt him? there is no way he?s be able to inhale sufficient oxygene into his lungs with that impact pressure against his face.

  2. death by airborne suffocation!

    ever stick your hand out of a fast moving car window ..well that very type of pressure impact at high velocity is what hurt him… there is no way he’s be able to inhale sufficient oxygene into his lungs with that impact pressure against his face.

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  3. damn they sure were slow to respond to that – he dangled for a while. I’m sure they have some kind of response if this happens. I’m not sure if cutting him like that would interfere with his reserve opening, but damn that had to be pretty scary.

  4. I have done a skydive and glad to say mine went perfectly 🙂

    I am definitely no expert but judging from the training I had before I dived, there a ‘string’ I can’t remember the actual name of it, but anyway it a safety string that flaps above the parachute once it is deployed. This ‘string’ is what has caught on the plane which leads me to believe that somehow the parachute was deployed prematurely. They couldn’t have pulled him in because of the friction from the winds, temperatures. and the fact that the guy is swinging so much because of the winds. However the plane did seem to slow down once the guy had some control of his situation. Yes the pilot could have gone lower like someone mentioned but depending on the type of plane, that may not have been an option. It sounds cruel, but the only real option they had was to cut him loose and hope that he could deploy his reserve.

  5. What a horrific situation that guy was in. Why did they cut him loose? Or did it snapped? Why didn’t they pull him back in? So many questions lol.
    This is one of my nightmares: falling from great hights. What would be my last thought, would I faint before I reach the ground.. I think too much :D.
    However, the Thais will rule this a suicide, I would like to see a picture of the aftermath (with some pointers ofcourse).

    1. Once a paratrooper is snagged, they have to cut him loose or they endanger the aircraft. That’s why he has a secondary chute.

      There are many deaths from jumps in the military. Just because you don’t see them posted on gore sites doesn’t mean they don’t happen, just like alot of things that go on behind closed doors.

  6. Most of you aren’t military, so no, you won’t get it.

    Paratroopers know exactly what they’re signing up for. I didn’t do it because of the toll it takes on your knees, hips and joints, but there are alot of soldiers who like doing jumps.

    Can’t speak for the Thailand military, but our parachute riggers are assigned numbers which are included in the chute so if one of these episodes occurs, it can be traced back to the parachute rigger who packed it.

    I really don’t understand why someone would want to be a parachute rigger (for a military occupation), but there is a whole school dedicated to it.

  7. obviously doing there para training, first no ones smiling and secondly some guys had progressed to 6000 m and were sky diving whilst the others like this poor guy were still on a static pull,you d think in this day and age something could have been done to pull him back in seeing it was a rear door exit,anyway rip buddy

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  9. Looks like first static jump for the trainees out from a Skyvan. The first few are freefalls, probably trainers. Time interval between jumpers too short…….plenty of time for the instructors to pull the poor guy back, what the hell they are waiting and do fuck-off? the jump instructors should be court-martial.

  10. When I was in the 82nd (Airborne Division) We jumped All the time. This is called a Static Line Jump. The Main Parachute is connected to an anchor Line cable in the Aircraft. In the Pre Jump Safety Briefs you are informed that in a situation like this if you are conscious The Jumpmaster (who is issued a Knife upon completion of the school) will cut your line and you immediately pull your reserve. If not conscious “every attempt will be made” to retrieve you back into the aircraft. Sadly it looks like his main was infront of his body which would have messed up the deployment of his reserve. Your reserve parachute DOES NOT deploy itself its a Soft Loop Center Pull (manual release emergency parachute). But yes they should have gained altitude to give him a better chance of correcting hisself and successfully deploying his reserve. Paratrooper Jumps are generally only around 800 ft anyway as low as 500 for combat and around 1200-1500 for training purposes. I hated jumping and don’t understand why we still do it…Its a waste of money and time. The First Few jumpers jumped from Way higher with a different type parachute system …the guy that died more than likely had a version of a T-10D or a MC1-1. Air Assault is way cooler and at least you know that you are connected to something since you are repelling down a rope.

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    now im wondering if his parents were told that he committed suicide, or if they were told that foreigners did it so they would be fueled up to kill more foreigners.

  12. Static line jumps at low altitude , looks like he got hooked up wrong , looked like his reserve pack was tangled also ,short of pulling him back not much chance for sucess , i thought maybe superman was gona fly in at the last second but i didnt c him , sorry

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