Thai Worker Got His Leg Amputated by Road Paving Machine

Thai Worker Got His Leg Amputated by Road Paving Machine

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, a worker got his leg stuck in some type of road paving machine. In the video, you can see the mean looking propeller in the spot where his leg got chewed on.

It took the rescue workers over two hours to free the worker, and although they did free him, they didn’t free him whole. The machine amputated his lower leg, which probably ended up shredded inside the machine.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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  1. Fuck, all that rubbing alcohol must have burned like hell. Lucky this guy was wearing his black undies that day.
    mad props to MrsPink for all the great videos she’s posted. Looking forward to more.

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        1. lol, fuck yea, good one! I am not so bad girl. Still healing from surgeries on both my arms, but hopefully they can heal enough to someday go back to work. And you Little Foot, all,s good with yourself darling ?

          1. Good! I’m glad the surgery went well and hopefully you won’t have to go back for anymore. No complaints from me I’m doing just fine 🙂

      1. No, most Thais are either Buddhist or Christians. There are Thai Muslims, mostly in Deep South of Thailand (Yala.) They do all of that kidnapping, beheading, but most Thais stay away from Muslims. Growing up, there was a saying if you run into an Arab and a cobra which would you kill first? An Arab. XD

          1. My family is from Bangkok. I’ve been to Phuket a few years back and there weren’t that many Muslims, maybe they are migrating further North since my last visit. Koh Phi Phi is becoming very touristy but still worth visiting along with Krabi, Koh Kho, Samui, Hua Hin, Ao Phagna, Koh Phagnan, and Samet. =)

          2. hmmmss i start to get the taste of fresh sea food again 🙂

            but i stayed at kalima resort there were loads of arabs over there and all the people in the neighborhood were muslim as well, even my motorcycle rental guys. but i enjoyed it a lot.

          3. “You rode a motorcycle in Thailand?!?” hehehhe im still young i am not like one of those old dirty white perverts who visit thailand to have sex with under age boys… no i am south american 😛 but i just love to travel, so thats why i been to many places but Phuket and Angra dos Reis are the 2 places that got a deep place in my heart 🙂

    1. @stomper – when he answered the phone I could swear he said “Herro” then “Fack!”
      At least the paramedics put a tourniquet on. I would have liked to see them put a quick cover dressing on that leg after so carefully rinsing it off with saline – otherwise, what’s the point? Oh, well, I guess we can’t all be perfect, hahaha!

  2. The more i see from thais’ bad experience with machines, the more i believe that machines there are sapient… o.O They are just waiting to evolve and become real Terminators to exterminate thais world wide… 😆

  3. I like to stop by BG sometimes when I’m having an exceptionally shitty day to remind myself that my situation could be a hell of a lot worse than it actually is. I could be living in Brazil for example, or like this poor bastard in Thailand who no longer has a leg.

    1. @Wings, we all have our own “situations” here and that’s a big part of what brought most of us here in the first place. For me it was searching for ways to commit suicide. Almost three years later I’m still here and coming to the site on a daily basis. Feel free to share your story here. Nobody will judge you and it will feel good to get things off your chest.

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