Thai Worker Scalped by Industrial Blender

Thai Worker Scalped by Industrial Blender

A Thai worker was scalped by a machine, after his long hair got caught in its spinning part. From the translation, I deduced the machine is a kind of industrial paint blender:

Scary !! Blender pulling hair color. Scalp fell seriously ill.

Young plants do not pull a blender. Grisly bloody scalp off a serious head injury to the hospital Press.

Pathum Center notified the sky. The seriously injured were pulled spinning color the scalp. The factory made Cemkrete DGI International Limited No. 9/7 m. 4. Buengyeetho. Thanyaburi, Pathum Thani. The coordination rescuers to help.

Find a list of injured. The. Wan lush lotus notes 48, No. 30/10 Moo. 1. Khlong district Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani. Head injury. Scalp and hair A lot of blood flow The inquiries that take care of the wounded paint shaker. Then the rotation axis of the spinning color. Rotate the scalp, hair pulling Into the air The hair and scalp Broke all The lifeguard, first aid and taken to University Hospital.

Anyone who wears long hair loose around machines with fast revolving parts may need to learn the hard way to finally get it:

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39 thoughts on “Thai Worker Scalped by Industrial Blender”

  1. Probably took him years to grow them silky locks the locks may have helped our friend pull chicks on a Saturday night no more pussy for you my friend welcome to the baldy brigade keep that shiny dome covered please we do not want to see your scabby head silly Tia dude

  2. Guess the H&S guys are right about hairnets then, they shold be showing workers that complain this…. better still send them to work there so they have something real to complain about when they get scalpped (just dont do it to any native americans cause mentioning scalpping to them is wassisht) lol

  3. C’mon folks. Where’s the empathy for the poor wounded paint shaker? That’s one thing that remains constant in this messed up world we live in. No matter how extreme and gory the posts from Thailand are, the translations are pretty much guaranteed to get a laugh, and we all need one of those.

  4. Hmmm. After clicking on the 3rd pic, methinks the vic is a female. Either that or this guy’s got some well shaped & supported man boobage happening.
    Translation makes it sound more like a PERFUME factory…lush lotus notes 48, No. 30/10 Moo. Ah,Thailand. You contine to amuse.

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