Thai Worker Shredded Into Minced Meat After Falling Into Large Machine

Thai Worker Shredded Into Minced Meat After Falling Into Large Machine

An unlucky Thai worker fell into a large drill type machine and was shredded into minced meat. Rescuers had hell of a job trying to figure out which handful of minced meat was which body part, but after a while of playing puzzles, they got most of it.

I don’t know what the hell kind of mean blender that machine is. It’s giant, and full of unidentified soft matter.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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      1. Mrspink you are ….. so cool. props from NY. Wish we could see that thing working and throw maybe a kardasian in there along with a taylor swift and maybe a palosi and finally a little kerry in there too. mmmm

  1. They said on the video they have to find the other leg, good luck to them.

    It’s a machine that digs out soil ready to be loaded onto lorries, the soil is usually for land fill before building ( wife’s translation).

    Now she wants to know where this happened, she’s worried we might get some minced Thai delivered to the house we are building,

    1. @Nomad – I was also wondering where that other leg went. Funniest parts were using that giant knife to cut the dead guy free and the Thai rescue workers flip-flopping the guy around to see if his leg was somewhere in that mangled mess 😀

  2. The measure of a man is how high he bounces after hitting rock bottom so, that being said, Andy Holcomb in Ohio took a meat shredder to his belly button and lived making him a racquetball by my book and he’s a believer in Christ making him automatically a good person unlike some trolls around here.

  3. Looking on the bright side its lucky there was not two bodies!! Imagine trying to separate them to make sure the relatives were able to bury their loved ones, not someone elses!! I like this machine, we need more machines like this. Thailand would be a good place to start.

  4. Exactly the type of fleshy, bloody mess that I am looking for. I have to agree with some of you that we definitely need to see the grindage in action! I would love to be there to “help clean up” and by that I mean play elbow deep in fresh ground Thai.

  5. I used to get nauseated watching stuff like that but after a few years here I’m really starting to like it, I kind of want to see this happening on cam and not just the aftermath 😀
    seems like gore is an acquired taste 🙂

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  6. Damn the blades in that drill head look sharp, same for the auger. Guy was shredded like a slab of roasted pork shoulder. I can’t say I envy the people that had the pleasure of scooping this guy up and trying to put his jigsaw puzzle body back together best they could. Maybe they could use his head on a manaquin for the funeral, since its not cracked open like most dead Thais.

    1. You’re the best… Sweetheart…

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  7. I’ve always wondered what would happen if someone got caught up in an Auger. Augers are machines that drill holes for telephone poles, various mining tasks, cutting ice and earth for loading onto trucks, and many many other things depending on the actual size of the Auger bit. It looks like some kind of dirt moving or possibly testing job. They are commonly used to look for contents like gold or other materials beneath the surface of the earth before actually digging.

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