The Caption This Photo Contest #97

The Caption This Photo Contest #97

Many thanks to Best Gore member @casualobserver for picking the best captions on our previous Caption This Photo Contest. As the winner, you get to choose the winners (as well as the runners-up, if you can) of this contest @honkeykong. Shoot me a message about your choices in weeks time.

Your turn, guys. Caption this photo if you can.

Best Caption

Just box it up. I’ll take it to go@Honkykong


Tibi-a or not tibi-a, that is the question…@Zippy

Warning: The roll Pillsbury cookie dough is for kitchen use only@ellysua

Man, you can buy anything on amazon these days@bam85

151 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #97”

  1. “simon, i don’t care if your pulse is still 60 bpm. you need to get that fucking car off your chin because your face is turning blue, you look like a fuckwit and you’re scaring all the hot chicks away.”

          1. I would love to have the job of writing and directing the scenarios for that ad campaign.
            2-Ton Bride.
            Cinco de Mayo Seat Cover Incident.
            Horny Moose v Smart Car.
            “I knew I heard banjo music” Hatchback Rape.
            Wrong Turn in Oakland.

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