Thumb Split Lengthwise in Power Tool Accident

Thumb Split Lengthwise in Power Tool Accident

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @SuperHans, who didn’t say much about what happened, except that this is “original content from a power tool accident“.

The said power tool split the user’s thumb lengthwise. The blade that caused the cut went all the way to the knuckle, but it looks like it stopped shortly before it, so the joint may still work once the fingertip heals.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @superhans:

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58 thoughts on “Thumb Split Lengthwise in Power Tool Accident”

    1. Finally a worthy “best gore members rock”. That is nasty. I have utmost respect when working around saws. It seems that when they make contact with a body part they tend to draw that part inward and do this kind of damage. I hope this heals up reasonably well.

    2. I also have a picture of it stitched up but that wasn’t particularly gory so I didn’t bother submitting it. Yes it was a bandsaw incident whilst finishing a crib for my newborn, a momentary loss of control resulted in the above. I obviously can’t move that part of my thumb anymore and the prognosis is that fine control is unlikely to return but a floppy appendage it’s still more useful than nothing at all. I appreciate the concern, it’s just a little sore now. Happy Christmas BG! -Hans

        1. Ha. I would hate to be one of your friends sleeping off a good drunk on your couch. Waking up to find you and your junk pressed firmly on their forehead will make for a bad day.

  1. Could make it heal with the split intact, which would come in handy for giving someone the rods under the guise of a thumbs up. Otherwise, if you’re into pool or snooker, you have a potential ready made bridge.

        1. Yes mukka there is still time but we will be hard pressed to get out of the mire. Just not enough quality in the squad . I fear the worst fella. As for the vile…… Nuff said. Your having a blinding season, I bet your well chuffed fella.

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