Tightrope Walker Karl Wallenda Falls to His Death Performing the Stunt

Tightrope Walker Karl Wallenda Falls to His Death Performing the Stunt

Karl Wallenda was a German born daredevil and the founder of an internationally renowned circus act group The Flying Wallendas. He performed many stunts involving tightrope walking, even broke a world skywalk distance record at Kings Island, but the stunt at the ten-storey Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico which he performed at age 73, was his last.

Karl Wallenda was almost half way across when a wind exceeding 30 miles per hour made the high wire sway. Karl tried to sit on the wire but slipped and fell to his death. The stunt and the deadly fall were videotaped by San Juan’s WAPA-TV.

Tightrope walking was Karl Wallenda’s life. He dedicated his entire existence to dangerous stunts and died performing one. One could say this was the most appropriate way to die for a man like him. Video of Karl’s last tightrope walking and the fall to his death is below:

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61 thoughts on “Tightrope Walker Karl Wallenda Falls to His Death Performing the Stunt”

  1. He made a mistake he should have grabbed the wire with both hands but he didn’t let go of that pole that’s what it killed him wonder how old would be right now probably above 100+ ❓ in the end it’s a nice classic video πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe it was time for him to hang up his balancing pole and tightrope slippers but he just has too much pride to accept he was aging. Note the dyed hair and comeover that didn’t survive in the wind. In fact he could have done with a net, a hair net.

  3. I remember watching this on TV a while back. I remember just waiting for them to show the aftermath of the fall. I guess I was interested in gore before even realizing it… lol. They never did show his body after the fall but thanks to bestgore I can imagine it.

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