Tip of Thumb Cut Off on Frame

Section of Fingertip Was Chewed Off by Metal Frame

Tip of Thumb Cut Off on Frame

A man got the tip of his thumb amputated while manipulating a metal frame. I’m guessing there was a “helper” who moved the beam attached to the rest of the frame with a single pin, so it pivoted with a lot of leverage, and when the victim’s thumb found itself between the two parts, it was the frail human body that gave way.

This right here is why I wear work gloves every time I handle objects or equipment that can shred my hands. For the most part, if your hand goes out of commission, you go out of commission.

Props to Best Gore member @billieeilish for the pics:

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26 thoughts on “Tip of Thumb Cut Off on Frame”

  1. “This right here is why I wear work gloves every time I handle objects or equipment that can shred my hands.” Ah yes, so I hope you’ll share the pictures of your missing fingers and shredded flesh when your gloved hand inevitably gets sucked into the blade of just about any jigsaw or table saw out there right?

    1. Right. Cause Best Gore is full of pictures of people fucking up their hands because they wore gloves and none of the hand injuries without gloves. Way to make you look like a total tool.

      There are more than 500 posts in Work Accidents. Go see how many posts from people injured because of the gloves you find. Here we have 12 years of documented real life. You won’t bullshit anybody here, champ.

      1. You fucking retard. I was talking about 2 specific pieces of “equipment”. Jigsaws and table saws. Which are dangerous as fuck to wear work gloves while using. Holy shit are you dumb. He said “EVERY TIME” that he handles “objects or equipment” he does so while wearing “work gloves”. Your crystal meth soaked brain really thought that I was telling him to never wear work gloves? Or making the argument that work gloves are more dangerous than no gloves?

        That is seriously funny. But the best part of this is you posting a “gotcha” comment refuting something that was never said except in the empty halls and corridors of your own mind. But hey, fuck it, at least you tried. Right champ?

        1. Having retired from 47 years in manufacturing, I saw a few guys whose gloves didn’t help a damn.

          You can just imagine what can happen with, say, a punch press, stamping line, plastic sheet extruder or roll coater. The character at the roll coating line was up to his left shoulder in problems. That’ll take your mind off lunch.

    2. Its like any number of computer RPG’s you might play in that wearing gloves boosts your defence. It does not however make you invulnerable.

      One always reasons though that some form of defence is better than no defence at all hence the stance taken with protective gear.

      Gloves, like every other individual protective gear, may not protect you against everything then but they will protect you against somethings and individual safety is a odds based system at the end of the day.

      1. @Empty soul
        True-Enough bro!
        When i was framing houses before i became a Foreman, i once hit my left thumb so bad that it cracked-open on both sides of it with blood squirting everywhere. And I Ended-up losing my whole nail because of it.

        But the worse part of it is, and (why i wrote this comment) is because right before i lost my nail which was about 5 days after the 1st. hit,,, I Hit-It Again, & Again full torque brother. 🙂 Now D’a want to hear somebody Yell/Scream at the Top Of Their Lungs, while pacing quickly back & forth throughout that whole main floor-Man???

        And to add insult to injury,,, I was using A Beast of A Hammer Brother, as it was A 32 Oz. Eastwing Framing Hammer. That fucker is like a small Sledgehammer F.F.S. 🙁 And when it hit my already swollen 3 Times it’s normal size the Thumb opened-up on the same 2 sides, it ripped the nail off of the sensitive area of meat that was loosely holding-it in place.

        But this time,,, Fuck Empty,, it squirted-out loads of this brownish-Smelly Blood/Puss First, before it was finally followed with a massive flow of blood that would just not stop until i got my ass to The Hospital, and they quickly did temporary tape & a couple stitch job.

        It was only t’ill i could see a Hand Specialist. Like it was mangled and sensitive brother, as fingertips and Thumbs are some of the most sensitive Nerves in them, as they are made to feel, and make out things even on a dark night. So this is why the little fuckers are so damn painful once injured, even if slightly-so.

    3. I wear gloves when I masturbate. Black rubber ones. I usually make sure they’re very slippery too with lots of lube. Then, after the asian whore is done pegging my ass I tell her… wait, I’m GETTING OFF topic here.

  2. Looks a lot like my stumpy thumb that was taken by a washing machine at 9 months old !! You won’t appreciate a full thumb until you lose one
    Here in New Zealand we used to receive an ACC payout until people were purposely cutting half a pinky off and get that accident compensation , government no longer pays out due to morons doing the chop chop

    1. I knew a guy who worked in concrete and on 3 different occasions cut off a finger tip “never the same one and once not even the same hand” Dude really sucked when it came to using power tools….then one day someone in next room shot them self in the head…he stuck those stubs in the holes of that guys head and saved his life.

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