Tobacconist Assaulted by Knife Wielding Robbers in Turin, Italy

Tobacconist Assaulted by Knife Wielding Robbers in Turin, Italy

On December 17, 2015, in Turin, Italy, an elderly tobacconist was assaulted by a pair of knife wielding robbers who beat and robbed the defenseless guy. Both robbers were refugees from Georgia, housed for free in a nearby Centro di Accoglienza (Reception Center) in Turin.

The thugs attacked the tobacconist as soon as he opened the gate to his shop. The 67 year old shop owner was an immigrant himself – from China, but unlike the thugs, he operated an honest shop, providing service to the community that people were willing to patronize.

CCTV of the assault:

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      1. LOL @AA…give us something to talk about…I remember when we would speak to each other….you with the war drums…me with my banjo…. *long sigh…..good times. 🙂

      1. When you sell anything, especially addicting substances, legal or not., its worth money, in fact its worth more the money.., you had better leave your guard up and leave it there.

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  1. Ahhh georgians… Thats pretty much what they usually do to make a living, leeching on other’s countries/enterprises/corporations/establishments to make other’s lifes a living hell and proffit… not giving a fuck for anyone’s lifes. Just take a look at their exemplar georgian brother, Stalin, for example… 😆

    1. ..yes,to think that after these beating the Chinaman still able to stand/stagger up,might suggest two kind heart robber who didn’t wanna fuck him up too much or they are really that useless hurting people..ya?

  2. Man, that’s really fucking low. And they even beat up the old man. I hope they get caught and be raped in prison until their assholes are as dandy as a ‘rosebud’.

  3. Does anyone know what condition this man is in? and what kind of injuries did he sustain as far as any knife wounds? This really is just disgusting. Everything about this attack makes it worse and worse from the sheer brutality of the assault to the fact that he was seemingly an innocent honest senior fucking citizen just trying to make an honest living. That’s way more than what could be said about these pathetic ass holes. Just a waste of oxygen, these two don’t even have the God given right to be called human beings. That goes straight out the window when you do something as fucked as catching an old man off guard to viscously attack him. I hope they endure endless torture and suffering in prison until they feel like the only way to make it all stop is to end their lonely miserable useless lives!
    Tiny side note I have to give props to Bestgore and all the BestGorians who make it possible to come visit such an amazingly unique place where expressing your personal thoughts on topics such as this is accepted no matter how graphic or brutal it may be. Naysayers will naysayers no matter what as they are just simply wired to be retarded sheeple. The reality is there’s no saying how many lives were saved or how many accidents or tragedies have been avoided all thanks to the hard work and dedication put forth by the Bestgore community to consistently supply uncensored truth and valuable insight for the vast amount of readers who visit Bestgore on a daily basis. So yeah… Thanks BG it is mucho appreciated!

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