Toddler Falls from Fifth Floor Window, Gets Caught by Passers By

Toddler Falls from Fifth Floor Window, Gets Caught by Passers By

A feel good video from China that stands in stark contrast to utter ignorance we usually take place there shows a two and a half year old girl falling from a fifth floor window only to be caught by passing delivery men who noticed the toddler in trouble.

The passers-by noticed the girl dangling from the window and stood below to catch her should she fall. As she plummeted, they all stretched their arms to break her fall. Parents of little Qiqi said they had left her home alone while she was sleeping. Two men were injured in the rescue – one hurt his neck, and the other his arm.

The incident happened in Ninghai, Zhejiang Province, China.

Prop to Best Gore member Assassinisher for the video:

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65 thoughts on “Toddler Falls from Fifth Floor Window, Gets Caught by Passers By”

        1. Seems like he might have over extended that good ole’ saying, “it’s the thought that counts!” Someone ought to let him the know that children-falling-out-of-windows is one of the rare situations where that doesn’t apply. And yeah, I’m new to the site, and thanks for the warm welcome!

  1. && why is it okay to leave your kid alone in the first place?
    Thought this was the one with the Chinese boy dangling between the AC & window three stories up…
    Verrrrry lucky kids to survive from parent’s negligence….

    1. I do like the leathers mate…Always thought, never said… You look like your smelling your own farts too, which I find so endearing…Oh yeah, leaving a two year old asleep by a window and going out/having accidents/raping/murdering…What could posibly go wrong….

  2. After reviewing this story I’m suss.

    1) Left alone asleep ?……….. so where’s a ‘guardian’.

    2) What are all those dudes doing there without prior knowledge ?

    Unless the place was on fire I reckon some retard was threatening to drop an infant out the window ?

    I think the latter.

    1. More relevant question Spidey, where the fuck, and what the fuck were you doing when all this went down? You’re supposed to be shooting webs and swinging all over the place when shit like this happens. You keep letting me down. Whats with superheroes these days?

  3. I’ve met numerous Chinese and former-Soviets in my past-life in the software industry. From my direct-experience with those people, they are respectable, hard-working, and helpful. Just like many Americans/Canadians/Earthlings/etc I’ve also met.

    If Americans were required to (or compelled to, as in the case of post-USSR) keep dash cams in our cars, we’d be pissing ourselves laughing at how bad Americans drive. I shit you not. (I’ve lived a lot of places in this country, but Kansans are about the most-oblivious fucking-drivers I’ve ever seen. And that’s even when compared to eastern-PA/northern-NJ/anywhere-in-NY drivers.)

    If American cities had similar-density of CCTV cameras as other countries, we’d see similar callousness, and perhaps even worse, when people get randomly fucked up.

    Now I realize that China and the former-USSR are “new” to the “car culture”, whereas most other first-world countries have had at least 3-generations of driving-culture under their belt. Give the aforementioned the same 80-year period to develop a car-safety culture and I bet our great-grandkids won’t be laughing about Chinese/Russian drivers. (They’ll be laughing at another current third-world nation that has clawed its way up the food-chain until it has a middle-class… and a bunch of neophytes with cars and dashcams.)

    My $0.02.

    1. You should see the morons in CA, they do truly stupid shit. I’ve dodged more fucktards than I can count. One of the assholes I ran off the road while my friend was laughing her ass off and enjoyed the ride. Malls during the holiday season are even worse. I’ve never been in a wreck when I was driving. The two wrecks I’ve been in, one was the ex’s stupidity, the other was no fault of the driver I was riding with. You ought to see them on a freeway in lala land. (Los Angeles).

  4. I have to say that.. After seeing all of the other sick fucking videos from China with a disturbing voice in my head saying “that is a fucked up country”, I actually started crying when I saw this video. Because, you know.. Faith in the humanity (chinese) was a little bit restored that day.

    Yep, I’m gay.

  5. A good example some other Chinese people could follow., instead of being so indifferent, walking by and just staring. A few moments of your precious time could save the life of someone not as fortunate.

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