Truck Driver Crushed to Death by 4 Tonne Shipping Container

Truck Driver Crushed to Death by 4 Tonne Shipping Container

This dude almost made it…

Unfortunately, despite really fast reaction time and the Looney Tunes Road Runner type dart off, the driver was crushed by a 4 tonne shipping container knocked over by careless forklift operator.

The workplace accident appears to have happened somewhere in China or a related country and was caught on CCTV video. Just like that, he went from being a truck driver to being a pancake. The need for workplace safety can never be overestimated, especially if your work revolves around deadly machinery and large, stackable objects that can easily crush you to death like a limp cockroach.

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  1. I was astonished that fucking forklift could fit down that narrow isle to begin with….and UNLOADED the fucker snacked the brown on those stacked bastards.

    The little Fleshy Virus had some sort of ninja instincts to get the fuck outta there and when it landed 2 inches behind his foot it looked as if he had some sort of chance….nope, flatter then 5 day pepsi.

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  2. Had he ran toward the back of his truck, he probably would of made it. Not sure why he took the longest, most indirect possible route to get away. Gravity, tonnage and physics were not on his side going that direction. Fright is a bitch I suppose.

  3. Flattened! Like a pancake, as I make pancakes. Hell, i’m in a good mood so, pancakes for everyone. Except that guy. He’s not invited. Little Kimmi Crocker up in here!! Poor bastard MAY have survived if he stayed in his truck, but even that is unlikely as it seems to have squished the top some coming down.

  4. People get comfertable , thinkin they are really good at what they do and thats when they fuck up , in the industrial field there are different levels of fucking up , mess up on a weld , fix it , put a container oon the wrong boat , move it , but have your loader drag two rows of containers , 4 all together and kill a man , u fucked up bad , if a crain operator kills someone , they r held liable , that operator was a idiot

  5. Epic. In the military, we use ground guides for shipping containers that large/heavy due to liability.

    If something like that happened on a military installation, and a soldier was killed, commanders would be relieved and people would be facing jail time.


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      1. Whites may be a minority in about fifty years given the amount of interracial relationships, but I don’t have an issue with that.

        Most politicians are not masons. Many of them belong to secret societies, but it’s not the masons.

        The Federal Reserve does wield the power under our current system, although I don’t believe it’s “The Jews” who completely control it.

        The Bilderburg Group is not made up of all Jewish people. Look it up.

        1. The bilderberg group is bullshit. The council on foreign relations is bullshit. The aliens are bullshit. The Jesuits are bullshit. The Vatican is bullshit. The lizard people are bullshit. The Jews control the world through freemasonry. I’ve already looked at everything there is to look at and I know some masons. The Jew Ben Bernanke runs the Fed. Next person taking his place also a Jew. The person before Ben the Jew Bernanke was Alan Greenspan, a Jew.

  6. haven’t read any of the comments as they are bound to be full of crap. poor chap, personally I think he would have been better off staying in his cab but thats the power of egotism and megalomania…….

  7. I sympathize with people who die while on the job working for an honest day’s pay. That’s a bad way to go, because you’re usually doing something that you don’t want to be doing, but you do it anyway to support yourself and maybe your family, too, if you have one. You either go to work, or you starve on the street. So, to die while just trying to make an honest living in this society that you didn’t ask to be a part of in the first place, really makes life in general, seem like a bum deal.

  8. ‘Try to live, or die trying’. We die anyways. What does a few more moments of life give us after all? Just a chance to enjoy watching others die? If the truck driver had stayed in his cab, he would be a mangled mass. He ran out and ended up as splatter on the ground. We run away from our deaths, and end up making it more gory for ourselves.

    Yet there was one miraculous moment in between. The falling container let him slip away for a moment and gave him an extra moment, which if frozen could be an eternity in itself. He got one moment, we all get a few more..

  9. the forklift operator looks careless, when it comes in the first unloading, he approaches very fast to the truck, the forklift is massive but they let a very narrow corridor for it to pass, there are trucks parked in the danger zones and people can run in the cargo area
    looks a recipe for disaster, poor man RIP

  10. ‘Plan an escape route’ must not have been drilled into his head by his company like it was mine. I always give the loaders much room; I would rather be put of the way then that guy. Especially a forklift in that much of a hurry. OSHA would claim a hard hat, protective glasses and safety vest would have helped, no doubt.

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