Truck Driver Pinned Between Pole and Truck in Columbia

Truck Driver Pinned Between Pole and Truck in Columbia

In the area of La Esmeralda, located in the Brisas del Guatiquia village, jurisdiction of the municipality of Puerto López, CTI personnel carried out the technical inspection of the body of Elkin Wilmer Torres, aged 36, who at the moment was working as a driver of a dodge truck, LZE-155 plates, blue. He was getting out of the vehicle, forgot to put the handbrake and while he was trying to climb up again to regain control, collided with utility pole, being trapped between the pole and the left front door of the truck, which instantly caused the dead.


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78 thoughts on “Truck Driver Pinned Between Pole and Truck in Columbia”

  1. Only in a place like Mexico would you see shit like that happen.
    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, did he actually say Senor Bandito in the beginning of the vid? If so (and this is priceless), did they chase him until he was literally “treed”?

    1. That’s just the spic’s alias.. his real name is Senor Shithead Von Pole Fucker Cabron III.
      Also, his mother sucks cocks in hell, you can find her on Beaner Dip Burning Asshole Blvd., South Hades District, Barrio 666. Fuck him to the grave of death.

      Minus the actual fucking because I’m not gay. Gays are Mexican fucking faggots.
      Also, Brazil should be nuked.

    1. Generally agree with you Broke. However, I think he initially was partially hanging out the door, before the truck moved forward. He may have accidentally dropped the clutch, or the truck moved forward out of gear. As a result, the poor bastard was pulled outside the truck, slipped outside of the door, and was pinned between the truck bed and the pole. I noticed they had to yank the truck backwards, to unpin him from the truck/pole.

      …my uneducated guess as well

  2. Fuck that pendejo, pull his ass off that fuckin’ pole then pin him down and slice his chest open!
    I wanna see that flayed alive face peel + heart torn out!
    Is his son and mother available to witness it? PUUUTAAA MAAAADREEEEEEE!!!!!!

        1. I see you remember my story, 😛
          Another reality is that I’m also so clumsy, I would probably not last very long if I was to go back to work in construction… Poor Torres never saw it coming 🙁

  3. Gravity in action . Right at the end of this video. That lifeless arm sliding down over his head. Just think it took Sir Isaac Newton getting hit with a falling Apple. When all he had to do was watch Elkin Torres dead ass arm flop over his torso and head. How about them apples Sir Isaac?

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