Truck Driver Takes Off with Mechanic Still Under Trailer

Truck Driver Takes Off with Mechanic Still Under Trailer

A mechanic was under the trailer of the semi truck, when the driver started it up and took off. The mechanic was run over, crushed and smeared on the road.

I don’t know where exactly this took place, but the date seems to suggest that it happened on June 16, 2015. The truck driver didn’t even stop. He killed the mechanic, and continued on his way.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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    1. The little red bottle at the end looks like a container of some oil. Maybe some hydraulic fluid that he accidentally left underneath the truck. Regardless, you need to have your head on a swivel at all times. This website has taught me that. We are all going to die one way or another but it doesn’t me we have to die a stupid pointless death.

  1. It’s in Russia. Lada car is right in the video.
    Honestly it’s the driver fault for not checking the clearance. Ffs, the dude had his mech sign alert right next to wheels and driver ignore the precautions checking. That Russian ignorant to ya all.

    1. Nailed It Exactly! I was gonna say the same. I know that procedure works very well in a production facility when equipment/machinery repair is necessary, but, a vehicle.? There’s got to be a way to keep that truck from starting or moving even if the driver is unaware of a mechanic in/on/under his truck.
      Wheel chocks are not enough. Even a big ass bright orange tarp covering the entire windshield with the words, “mechanic working. Do not start or move this truck” or something to that effect would work 100% of the time.
      As long as there’s the people factor, there will be job related injuries and deaths.

  2. The potential for this kind of shit to go down is what would always compel me to check the driver’s cabin to or leave a note on the steering wheel to not operate the fucking truck until you check for people underneath it… or at least honk a few times and take off in five minutes.

  3. Driver is an idiot, but the voice the guy made when being crushed was almost comical. Like a video-game sound-effect.
    Also, he is still alive after being smeared quite far, as he clearly lifts his leg just before the final squash.

  4. sorry for the guy and his family. but you have got to be some sort of cunt not to have a fucking great board in the cab stating what your doing ! as for you fucking morons saying he was still alive because hid leg moved what happens when you cut a chickens head off it runs around the fucking yard. its the nerves twiching like a fucking harp!!!

  5. Fucking truckers. Actually really annoys me how oblivious they are, to every damn thing.
    I’ve been in 3 accidents with semi trucks (was only seriously injured once) and each time, they were totally ignorant to ALL their surroundings. I understand there’s some visibility issues with driving something that large, but they just don’t seem to bother being careful, at all. Gee, why bother checking around the truck before you get in? The company insurance will cover their ass if someone gets killed, so fuck it, right?
    Usually when they hit something, they just keep going, on their merry fucking way with no fucks given, despite feeling and hearing a thump and blaring horn. Meh, just keep going even though they know they can’t see.
    Fucking idiots. Ugh.
    (End of rant.)

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