Truck Tire Explosively Explodes in Face of Mechanic in China

Truck Tire Explosively Explodes in Face of Mechanic in China

Truck Tire Explosively Explodes in Face of Mechanic in China

CCTV video from what looks like China shows yet another evil tire exploding in a mechanic’s face, killing him.

It sucks for the victim that the other mechanic fiddled around with the tire before he approached and it never blew up, but when he tried to lift it – BOOM. There’s some explosive explosiveness in over-inflated truck tires.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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196 thoughts on “Truck Tire Explosively Explodes in Face of Mechanic in China”

    1. Tell you what folks , I used to be a tyre fitter and while inflating a spare I started talking about football to a colleague until it blew , I wasn’t with it for about 10 minutes and that was only a tyre from a Ford Focus , the lad I was with was 10 yards away and felt the wind from it , this poor fucker got it right in the face

          1. No @sloth12 !

            I meant public hair! Lol

            Just kidding around with the fella changing those tires. I guess that there is a pressure meter on those hoses for a reason. But hey, it’s China so who knows!

    2. when you knot a tie, sit on PC all day in cool temperature and call it “work”, when you prepare for dinner in the evening and complain how tiring “work” was today, Remember there are people like these who do the actual WORK. The slightest thing that goes wrong often spells the end for them.

      When next you tell someone you’re “WORKING” think again if that’s “work” you do

      1. It’s all about added value, the quality of the work and if it’s on time. I’m retired now, but I was in technical service and quality assurance, 50% office, 50% production, 33% travel. It doesn’t add up, because I’m retired and going senile. Steel making, chlorine production, corrosion prevention, fuel processing, lubrication and ventilation, -30 to +150F.

        Now that I think of it, I should’ve been paid the difference. Did I say I was senile? I do remember that 1-gallon jug of water filled twice daily on that 6-month assignment.

      1. The amount of energy stored in a tyre varies according to the inflation pressure, temperature, and the surface area of the tyre. A sidewall of a typical commercial vehicle tyre has to withstand around 34 tonnes of force from compressed air before additional carriage weight is taken into account.

        If the tyre fails, explosive force can be released at an angle of up to 45 degrees from the rupture (which is often, but not always, the face of the sidewall).

        Car tyres generally contain less energy than truck tyres and their size and profile make them less likely to fail catastrophically, an explosive rupture can still occur and is sufficient to kill:

        A small sports car will usually have tyres inflated to 2.5 bar, a light truck to 4.8 bar and heavy vehicles and tractors, way above this.

        F1 cars operate at around 1.3 bar with a nitrogen fill as this gives greater temperature stability. Nitrogen fill eliminates any potential water contamination if air was used; hard, soft and medium compounds all operate above 100C, any water present in the tyre would be turned to steam at this temperature and affect the tyre pressure.

        Failure to use a tyre cage when working with truck tyres is a recipe for disaster, especially if the tyres that you are working on have been used until the tread is barely visible.

        1. Not a bad joke at all. Pretty accurate observation if you ask me. That’s why I was wondering the Nike logic!

          I was thinking more about “life comes at you fast” but that would be for a car crash more I guess! Lol! We’ll see what Mark brings to the store next!

    1. They could have used a pressure meter and not filled up above specifications written on the tires side. But it’s China, safety measures don’t exist to cut costs in production.

        1. Everything from china is fake. Capitalism is drawn to cheap goods by default. Guys i bought a lovely plaid shirt from amazon, didn’t realise it was from china, after 6 weeks waiting it arrived, damn thing is always full of creases because the material is some sort of shit. One day i’m gonna catch up with these chinese fakirs and they’re gonna pay

          1. @nastypersuasions haha Thanks, there had to be a book about it i suppose, from now on i’m checking very carefully who the suppliers are. Is the book real or was that made in china too?

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    1. Do you reckon it was due to a weak point in the sidewall? As a tyre fitter we always filled them standing up so you could check for ‘eggs’in sidewalls on both sides (selling used tyres always had a few dodgy ones)

  1. Kinda suspicious a couple guys ‘just happen’ to be directly filming the tire to begin with.
    Time and date code in the upper left make me think it’s a surveillance camera, but the picture wobbles too much to be mounted.

  2. I won’t touch split rim wheels at all. Your meant to roll the wheel into a reinforced cage before inflating them. The cage takes a forklift to move and is bent to shit after a blow up like this.

        1. they were also caught rolling and deep frying cardboard and selling them as deep fried prawn balls, i don’t trust them at all. i went only once to a chinese restaurant and i could tell it was all taste enhancers and processed food and i orderd chicken. nice profile pic, i love it.

          1. We used to have a joke way back in the 70’s. Notice how there are no cats around near chinese restaurants?

    1. That’s interestin twiggy. It makes me think i wonder if there are any 220 pound physiques getting blown up and how would the body disperse in such an explosion? we must find videos

      1. I looked up a bunch of tire explosion videos and it seems like almost everyone goes flying through the air. One guy I watched even had his pants blown completely off and they flew across the garage parking lot… lol. We need a 300 to 400 pounder to do research on.. lol.

  3. “Explosively exploding” reminds me of an interview I saw of a survivor of the 911 attacks. The dimwit host says to the guy “so the building is collapsing down…”

    Well, I have never heard of a building collapsing up.

    And then there’s Katie Couric interviewing the pilot Sullenberger talking about how he’s in the plane and it’s crashing….toward the ground…

    When has a plane ever crashed up in the air?

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