Ukrainian Diver Struck and Killed by Boat Propeller in Egypt

Ukrainian Diver Struck and Killed by Boat Propeller in Egypt

Imagine that – you go on a vacation to Egypt, throw yourself in a crystal clear water to do some diving, you enjoy the blueness that surrounds you and the trinkets that can be collected from the ocean floor – nothing from your hectic life at home bothers you, not your boss, not your mother in law, not nothing. You’re feeling like you’re in the seventh heaven and then out of a fucking blue (literally) a boat taps you over your head and its propeller chops you up. You go from having the most awesome time of your life, to the worst you’ve ever been in a fraction of a second. And then you die of blood loss cause Egyptian hotel staff are incompetent, ill prepared and incapable to respond to emergency situations.

This happened to a Ukrainian tourists who was on a vacation in Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt. The fellow stayed in City Sharm Hotel, a 4 star hotel with an exclusive beach and surrounding sea water. The tourist was taking a dive with his friend who was videotaping his good time on camera. At one point a speed boat flew right over the diver’s head just as he resurfaced to get a breath of fresh air. Fast moving boat bludgeoned the diver and its propeller finished him up.

Friends and onlookers tried to help the wounded diver, but as it turned out, hotel staff had no first aid kits at hand, none of the staff were able to provide any first aid, and no one from the hotel was willing to take any step to try to save the diver’s life. He was still alive when pulled out of the sea but died shortly after from rapid blood loss.

The incident took place on February 13, 2012. 13 and a half minute long video of it is below. Boat attack takes place at around 3:40 – after that the picture is very shaky. The cameraman stopped videotaping and focused on helping his friend, though the camera continued rolling as it dangled off his neck. Don’t watch if you’re epileptic.

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86 thoughts on “Ukrainian Diver Struck and Killed by Boat Propeller in Egypt”

  1. That is pretty crazy, talk about the wrong place at the wrong time quite literally I mean the ocean is a big place and for that boat to come over that exact point at that moment is some proper final destination shit right there. I doubt the boat driver would have seen him as he was still submerged by a few centimetes, and wouldn’t of known.

  2. these fools! man does not belong in the water where you cannot breathe and your vision is obstructed. man does not belong in the sky jumping from airplanes. man does not belong in space doing god knows what and playing capt. kirk.. man is a land based animal. no other animal leaves its natural enviroment if it wants to survive. humans are stupid. these idiots find their own deaths. I don’t go diving in the water.

        1. Sounds like a luxurious, wonderful lifestyle, mouse. I’ll send you a postcard and some prostitutes to slake your appetite, thus removing the need for you to venture into the dangerous out-of-doors at all 😀

    1. Yup, and I guess I should’nt eat eggs and swim in the river and walk around because of being run over and riding my bike aaaaaaand, driving my car aaaaand, smoking a joint / ciggy or having a Scotch orrrrrrrrrrr Water skiing (I love barefoot skiing) orrrrrrrrr…….. I’m bored now.

      Yup, I’ll just cease to live and I should be safe and well.

      FUCK THAT, you disease ridden rodent, may all your young’uns have 2 heads and suck you dry.

      Bong anyone, I’m pack’n.

    2. You’re going to be the person who dies incredibly ironically. You’ll trip over something and break your neck in your safe, natural environment. It’s the people who always think they’re safe that find out in the most ironic ways that nobody’s safe. Ever.

  3. it looked like he had atleast 3 seconds that he HEARD & SEEN the BOAT coming .. he could got turned his BODY & specifically his HEAD out of the PATH but he didnt have time to swim out of the way so his BODY woulda got HIT & SLICED but might still be ALIVE

  4. HA ! LoL this happened in Sharm El-Sheik ?! I’ve been there 5 months ago and what u said about the incompetent staff there IS TRUE x)
    the staff and the beach was fucked up, i’ve imagined a more beautiful beach but this was just dissapointment. Everything else around it was amazing =) and i’m thinking about going there again….but SURELY NOT TO DIVE ! LOL

  5. i’m pretty sure it was plotted by his wife for insurance and wealth purposes..pretty much sayi’n “ fuck having the time of your life while i’m stuck here with our kids!! ,whenever i’m under water and started to hear boat propelers, i quickly look can hear them from a distance under water.was he deaf or just totally inexperienced? nice camera though..

  6. That poor guy! I can’t imagine… When I read the description, I couldn’t help thinking about how he didn’t see it coming but actually watching it… Damn that thing came super fast. Totally unavoidable.

    Do you think they could have saved him? Did they not respond correctly? I couldn’t tell…

  7. This is the SAME hotel Sharm al-Sheik, that had a couple of fatal SHARK attacks on it’s guests, approx. 2 years back! The staff should know first aid by now, especially as it’s a tourist hotel, (bad for business otherwise)

  8. A metal grate around the propeller, similar (but different metal) to the ones you get on household fans, might have made the impact less dangerous and life threatening, certainly less chance of having the blades slice through a skull

  9. Anybody else notice the three wicked looking blades sticking out the bottom of the attacking boat’s hull? You can see them clearly if you pause the video right before the diver get hit at min 3:40.

    Looks like that thing was purposefully designed to run over and kill swimmers!

    Testing complete…Ready for mass production!

  10. Vacation in Africa, thats the only fruits you can get Death!!!! If an Egyptian cannot survive in Ukraine because of racism, I see no reason why this Ukrainian Skin head can survive in that country. He was just targeted. May His Body be flown back to Ukraine in Pieces.

  11. its a toss up for goreist part of the film the contenders, blow to buddys head and the other, last half of walk staring at ol pasty leg there for 2 minutes…. did you see that red spot too, gross

  12. that was pretty fucking awesome. it played like a short film, building up the suspense and every time he went to the surface for a breath you’re like “Ohhh shittt” then he swims back down and it’s fucking suspenseful. Then he gets wacked and sinks down into the water with a puff of blood. after that, the shaky camera and sounds are perfect for capturing the intensity of everything thats happening i actually liked that a lot. the camera stops for a few seconds with the guys head sideways in the frame, blood pouring out everywhere. it was very intense.

  13. Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about Egypt apart from it’s ancient history, but when I think “vacation diving hotspot” Egypt is not the first, second, or even tenth place that comes to mind. I had no idea until this post that it had beautiful beaches to explore, albeit apparently fucking dangerous. I have no desire to go to Egypt because of all the unrest happening in and around that area of the globe, but if I were to go, I would go to admire the ancient architecture. I love history and Egypt has some of the oldest and richest. But if it’s such a popular diving/boating hotspot you’d think they’d be better prepared for accidents?

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