Video of Fireworks Explosions at San Pablito Market in Tultepec, Mexico

Video of Fireworks Explosions at San Pablito Market in Tultepec, Mexico

On Tuesday, December 20, 2016, a series of fireworks explosions lit up the San Pablito Artisanal Pyrotechnics Market in Tultepec, about 40 km north of Mexico City in Mexico. The market was busy with people buying fireworks for the holidays, resulting in high death toll. As of this post, at least 32 people were confirmed dead and additional 72 injured.

According to Eruviel Ávila, the governor of the state of Mexico, more than a dozen children with burns to over 90% of their bodies were sent to the city of Galveston in Texas for treatment.

The city of Tultepec bills itself as the Mexican fireworks capital, and relies on the sales of locally made fireworks for its economy. The San Pablito market has been blown up by fireworks at least three ties in the last 10 years.

Mexicans and their fireworks. Props to Best Gore member @Assassinisher for the video:

Another video of the explosions:

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61 thoughts on “Video of Fireworks Explosions at San Pablito Market in Tultepec, Mexico”

      1. I bet you some truck driver wearing a Donald Trump hat and a “make America great again”shirt flicked his cigarette butt out the window which made its way to a stray fire cracker and caused a cluster fuck of explosions.

    1. Probably the only video ever recorded while driving in reverse. I certainly didn’t expect this. How on earth did they keep their eyes on the road in reverse, and at the same time watch the explosions? Clearly the camera operator was the front seat passenger, but I’d think the person driving would also be totally mesmermized by the spectacle.

      A rather unlikely alternative explanation is that the car was somehow being towed in reverse, as in, on a tow dolly.

      1. @cincy Literally was the first thing I noticed haha, was the damn truck moving backwards but explosions moving forward so I knew the video wasn’t run backwards. Def the passenger recording as you’ve said, chances are the driver was paying attention behind him. Still makes me wonder if there were any other traffic on the road if they were in reverse, unless they were being towed…slowly…lol

        1. If they are being towed then, judging by the signage and proximity to the guardrail, the tow truck is driving against traffic. My money’s still on “Dude, pop it into reverse and hold my beer, I gotta film this shit!”

          1. I just rewatched the video with the volume turned up and realized that there’s a bizarre background noise throughout that sounds like a cross between a jet engine and a demonic choir. Kinda creepy!

          2. @shadarus Yea lol I don’t think they were being towed either unless they drive on the left hand side in Mexico lol. Never been there and never want to but I’m pretty sure they don’t drive on that side unless NO FUCKS were being given that day!

  1. this shit happens all the time in tultepec, i think thisi is the third time for that market, some asshole took a cigarette break an then this happened, the funny thing is that this thing hapen so ofthen that even the media and the goverment don´t give a single fuck anymore, specially with those who keep illegal powder kegs on residential zones, for most part of idiots who live there, see this thing as a culture,tultepec is a fucking bomb set up an ready to blow up easily! this happens at least 4 to 6 times per year.

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