Violent Armed Jewelry Store Robbery in Saint Petersburg Off to a Shitty Start

Violent Armed Jewelry Store Robbery in Saint Petersburg Off to a Shitty Start

I only got very sketchy background information about this video, but apparently it’s a CCTV footage of a violent armed robbery of a jewelry store in Saint Petersburg, Russia. As you can see, the robbery was off to a shitty start when the first robber to storm the store slipped and barely regained his composure.

Nevertheless, despite this shaky start, the robbers got off with a decent loot. Stupidly, though, instead of just taking the valuables, they threw them in the bag along with display boxes. So instead of running away with just a small sack full of high value loot, they ended up with a large sack full of worthless display cases mixed with high value goods.

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    1. Arrr, I dont know about that. I have never stolen anything I’m my life ( bar quite a lot of drugs off dumb fuck people that deserved it) and I think it’s because of CCTV.

      How do you know how many people changed their mind because of CCTV, but you don’t know about it because the crime didn’t eventuate?? Yeah, exactly.

      I’d say that is a great prevention program.

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  2. Jewelry is such a waste of money. At the end of the day, it’s just a bunch of shiny metal and rocks. Our society valuing this shit has got to be some leftover ape mentality quality from our earliest days as a species. “Ooooh! Me like shiny thing! I kill you for it! Ooga booga!”

      1. And boy do the rappers love their gold chains, medallions and such crap. They can’t wait to cry racism and slavery but the very gold they buy is most likely coming from the rich owners of working slaves back in their homeland, lol.

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        1. Paper money is also dirty. I wash my hands after I touch it. Who knows what the previous holder did to it. And getting change back… What a drag. All those coins. Pennies. I throw them on the ground like a snobby fuck. I always use a card.

  3. I agree with others who’ve said one of them was a female. They didn’t bother with the display cases, maybe the jewelry they wanted wouldn’t easily empty out of the trays.They got in and got out pretty fast, and without gunfire. Score.

      1. @amnyc, Aw, I like your scenario… “He went to Jared” takes on a different meaning. 😉
        While I agree, chivalry isn’t dead, I’d slightly change your last sentence to read “So romantic “some” of us men are.” 😛

    1. or maybe they are opening their own jew-elry store. and they needed display cases. those days of carrying chains and watches inside your jacket are old school. They wanna look professional. even if the merchandise is stolen lol

    1. Numbers mean nothing. It all depends on specailty or lack of in this case. From alarm disabling, safecracking, driver, vehicle burglar. There might be one person who can do many of these or none. But I do like the idea of a man exhibiting feminine posture(s) (even though this might or might not be the case). Leave no crumbs.

  4. Very true @ewe.

    Always looks a bit more professional too, if you have at least three in your gang. If you are professional looking and do a high profile crime twice, you’ll earn your self a press generated nick name and some heavy duty public adoration ( incl. devoted face book page) in no time at all.

    Though, is refreshing to see some robbers aren’t too greedy. These two looked completely stoked with their Swatch Watch heist.

    1. Totally does too !!
      What a classic

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      In this here robbery town
      Storm them in da shop, then drop

      And boogie, boogie til the cops cum
      Then run, run, run forrest run
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      Storm them in da shop and boogie!!!

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