Warehouse Worker Run Over by Forklift

Warehouse Worker Run Over by Forklift

Apparently this happened at a warehouse in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A forklift operator reversed into a co-worker, knocked him over, and good and proper – ran him over. The victim was operating one of those two wheel dollies and had his back turned to the forklift.

However it’s the forklift operator who floored it while turning backwards that seems to be the main culprit. Not only did he keep on reversing until the coworker was thoroughly run over, he also drove forward to run over the guy one more time, just in case crushing him once was not enough.

Props to Best Gore member BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker for the video:

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  1. Back when I still had my trucker job we had to wear high visibility clothing so forklifts could see us easier when the trucks were getting loaded back at the warehouse. I still can’t watch the new videos but by the sound of the article it probably wouldn’t have made much difference even if the guy on the ground did have high visibility work wear

  2. Off Topic: maybe this will help the members who can’t see the new videos.. Both this post and the exposed intestine the video strip with the play triangle were barley visible in the black video screen, the first time I played the videos I was literally watching only the top left corner of the video and really could not see anything. The second time I played them I ‘grabbed and dragged’ the video into proper position and it work so I could see the whole video. It might not work for everyone but for some it might.

    1. I’m actually not getting any kind of response from the videos when I press play but I can view them the day after they’ve been posted just not as soon as they’ve been posted. I just hope this problem isn’t gonna be permanent

      1. @Jack
        I have my browser configured to play videos with flashplayer where available, but this video plays with HTML5 player, which tells me that the option to play with flash doesnt exist here.
        So im guessing your device needs the ability to play videos with HTML5 (or configuring to do so).
        Im no IT genius like, this is just an educated guess

  3. Just read what it said couldn’t get the video, said invalid source, but from what I read in comments, he leaves his body as arm drops, or as was put, his life leaves him as his arm slowly falls to floor, ya’ll know the poor chap was probably happy to leave his crumpled body, especially if he would’ve been paralyzed by the accident. Oh well just a thought.

    1. That was MY comment. Wow, so theres proof my comment went through. I think it got deleted. Fucking gnomes. It took me a long time to write that shit. Thanks @Nightwolf. At least one person read it. Can you still see it? Because i cant. But then again the whole site is acting funny on my end.

  4. usually tthe newer ones have that LOUD beeping noise when going in reverse and if not the driver usually should honk the horn a bunch of times wile reversing. But watching it i cant help but think it happened on a Friday night…you know everyone rushing not giving a shit or taking work serious…Friday Night unloading skip the hastle ya know.

    1. @3rd i rotten.
      thats right – and this DOES look like a newer truck that would have the reverse beeping alarm.
      But even then, if i was the guy with hand truck i would be expecting the forktruck driver to be aware of me in the vicinity (it was not like dead hand-truck guy was stood right behind the forktruck, or in its “expected” path of reverse?)
      This is the fault of one person only, and that is forktruck driver. To reverse and swing that reverse to left or right without looking behind is just fucking ridiculous.
      RIP squashed handtruck guy.

  5. Ahhh! This happened to me! Luckily I was facing the forklift and jumped onto it while screaming at my co-worker all manner of obsanities. I’m not sure why but you get the need for speed on those things. I was no different.

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